Best Fireworks?

I hiked up to one of my neighbors for a BBQ & social event to watch the fireworks last night. In the past, I’ve been in the park, at the Rotary BBQ and other locations around the valley—except in a boat. I hate the traffic and the crowds and am getting more and more reluctant to leave Fawnskin. I also would be leery of going out on the lake with tons of drunken boaters…not to mention the mosquitoes who seem to hunt out my tender flesh no matter where I go.

Anyway, someone said that Big Bear was named as one of the top California shows. Hmmm. Wonder where that started ‘cuz I have not heard or seen that one. Here is the top national list from MSNBC and there seems to be a bunch of “top show” claims around the nation but it would be interesting to see how that is determined. Anyone have any verification of this rumor?

Speaking of rumors…
Sometimes things just get a bit out-of-hand and malicious. Slander is a big no-no and one of the existing rumors that surfaces around town frequently is that someone in town is a pedophile. I have heard this off and on since I moved to town and went online to check last year. So, before you go spreading that one any further you should go look at the registered sex offenders site where you’ll find that the Big Bear Valley has a few (Bear Lake 10: Bear City 14; Sugarloaf 4; You can see their pictures and addresses, too.) but our town local is NOT one of them. Fawnskin does not have that claim to fame. So stop it.

Phone line…
Remember that ol’ game where you told someone something and then passed it around to see how it changed? That happens a lot around here. The most recent one involved Andy going down the hill for surgery. He didn’t. Instead, it was Paul—but Paul was not going down the mountain for shoulder surgery—just a check up. We were amazed by his mobility the following day until we found out that the whole thing was the telephone game out of whack.

Oh my, Robert’s truck got a scratch. What amazed me about the whole thing is that all the guys seem to spot the small scrape immediately!

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