Burning the Midnight Oil in Fawnskin, California

Okay, I stayed up WAY too late last night and am feeling it this am. I don’t have any nasty habits to blame–just age. Anyway, I went over to a neighbors for a movie and took a big batch of lentil stew. We combined it with a salad and bread and had a feast!

After I came home, since nine and a half hours of work wasn’t enough, I worked another one and a half! Then it was hard to sleep…so I was really trashed by the time I got up at 5:30 for my walk. (Can you say “No Whining?”)

This morning I heard a major crash on Highway 38 about the time I rose. People really rush through here and have little sense about the dangers or presence of life that might be on the road. I usually can see the skid marks and parts of cars where they crashed into the embankment or went over the side of the road. This one hit the hill so hard that the decomposed granite spilled all over the highway. Just one plastic part left as proof.

Everybody here in town is getting ready for the Doo Dah Parade and Fawnskin Festival this weekend. I hope you can at least make the crazy parade. I am looking forward to judging it. Makes me laugh to even think about it!

Okay, I have to get the new issue of the Fawnskin Flyer to the printer today and have more work to do. So catch you tomorrow–unless I have some breaking news that can’t wait.

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