Burning the Midnight Oil

My company left late afternoon yesterday. I enjoyed the visit but that short social visitation (and chamber meeting followed by catch up at the Moose) required that I burn the midnight oil. Ugh.

At any rate, it was tough getting out of bed this morning and my walk was about a half and hour later—and shorter than usual. However, it was amusing as usual.

One of the locals shared his story about venting his anger on a mouse; computer mouse that is. Said it was worth the moola to replace it and he ended up upgrading. So the mouse replacement ended up costing 350 dollars and change. Things that make you go, hmmm.

Our dialog brought up my memory of the story I shared with my writing group sometime back. I simply said, “My mouse is out” to visitors, and instead of equating it with the computer mouse, well—they assumed it was a rodent. The group laughed and laughed. The result sparked a children’s author to write a story about the whole thing. See?! You never know where something is going to go or what it is going to catalyze. We writers are warped, too. Nothing is sacred and everything is material.

The official Fawnskin coffee club’s mugs arrived. Yippee! They have the new Fawnskin logo on them and can be seen at the Bear Creek Nut & Coffee shop. Don’t know if you can get one as these are personalized for the local coffee addicts. If you have not been into the coffee house—go visit. They have been open about eight months now and the coffee is fabulous and so is the food. Drop in and say hi to the coffee club and check out the new mugs.

So far over 24 copies of the Fawnskin Flyer have been sold–which is fun but not even close to covering my printing costs and forget the writing time! I’ll have a final count tomorrow and will let you know.

Fortunately a sponsor has stepped forward for the next issue and so copies will be distributed throughout town for locals as a promotional perk this week. Remember, you can pick one up at the Fawnskin Market for the paltry price of .25 cents. Otherwise get a gander at any of the community bulletin boards at the Post Office, Moose Lodge, Town Board or the park. If you are reading this online, you can print out the PDF version and post it. Help spread the word!

BTW: I see people are coming in to read regularly from Colorado, Illinois and Florida. Cool. Thanks for your interest and leave us a note about yourself below by clicking, “comment.”

A coyote was howling up a storm from town center this am. Strange. Usually the coyotes are up in the hills. I do come across one or two in the mornings but only once in a great while are they trotting through town. (They really didn’t like the fireworks or the fire trucks rushing by the past couple of days.) I am guessing a potential morsel was located.

Just a reminder: Keep your pets inside and monitor them outside in the yard. Even if you are monitoring, small dogs should be on a lead. One of the locals reported their penitence for laziness after not going out to get their pooch who ran out the door. The remains were retrieved from a couple of coyotes and buried in the backyard. You probably noticed that there are no feral cats in the area. Get it? Keep those precious pets in.

Speaking of pets…
There is nothing like the love exchange between humans and their pets. I was sad to hear that Bear passed on yesterday. Bear was a big black barrel of personality and the beloved canine companion of local writer, Rita Robinson-Campbell. What do you say and what do you do to help someone who has lost his or her long time companion? I don’t know. But send your prayers and good wishes. If you want, click the comment link below and leave your wishes here.

Finally, the chopper you hear today is moving the felled trees by air. It is NOT collecting or dropping H20 on a fire. The Barton Fire was officially reported as 100% contained this morning!

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