I remember when I moved to Fawnskin from the East end of the valley. One of my neighbors said, “What? You’re moving to Fawnskin? Well hell girl, that is half way to LA.” Although funny, that is what many people think about our location and what keeps the small town quaint. It actually takes me almost twenty minutes to get to my old abode and about thirty to get down to the bottom of the hill. So, no wonder he thought that!

Anyway, I am heading down to LA Monday for a television shoot. It is a PBS special and I can’t tell you much more until the piece is closer to air date. I did try to get them to come up here to shoot with local animals and Fawnskin residents but the camera man has to fly out immediately after–and two other experts are meeting them down in LA on the same day. Too bad. I don’t always like leaving but it will be a social occassion too and that is a good thing.

Little Abbie was excited that I named her in the online issue of the Fawnskin Flyer. I also made a point to wear my notepad on my arm when I visited. My pen, well I had to give it to my neighbor Karen. I ran into her on my way into town and checked out her little garden oasis. The pen, a gift from a publishing house, had a pink flamingo and green palm tree floating around in liquid. She has a flamingo festish so she NEEDED it.

Her garden has flamingos, she has a flamingo tatoo, her house has a flamingo wind sock, and flamingo porch lights round out the garden. My favorite is her standing tribute with the “Inner Glow.” Watch for it when you drive East out of town. It is perched up on your left across from the Northshore Tavern.

My other favorite flamingo is across town in Lori and Dave’s yard. This one is made of lights and stands on the porch.

What is your favorite lawn item? (Comment below if you are a member.)

Joke of the Week
Cynthia gets the award this week. As I ambled into the Post Office I called out, “Post Mistress, Post Mistress–where are you?” She came around the corner to the counter and said, “I am a Post Master I don’t make enough money to be called a Post Mistress!” Too funny.

Fawn Park
I am waiting on a call back from Marty or Shirley about the park. It looks like they are building the stage. I’d love to see acoustical music, folk and other venues in the park (or somewhere in town) during the nice weather. Don’t you think it would create a nice draw into the town?

There are two horseshoe pits in the park but I never saw the horseshoes at their two throwing pits–did you? There is a sign talking about them. AND rumor has it that someone took a couple of figures from the park. I personally never counted them, but one pal wonders why high school students haven’t ever relocated them around town porches as a joke.

Red Bike
The red bike has been leaning against the Fawn Park fence for a couple of weeks. Anyone know the story? It needs a new seat and tire inflation. I am amused that it is still there. Love that.

Go Guerrero!
Okay, just wanted to let you know that the shirts appearing around town related to the baseball player, Guerrero and not me. However, you will all at least learn how to spell my last name!

Irish Rambler & Pub Crawl
I forgot to mention that Cindy has arranged for a trip to Ireland from April 2-8, 2005. Reserve your seat for $300 and then deadlines for payments are November 15th and January 15th. Total cost is $1325.oo and limited to 48 people. Optional travel insurance is $62. You can call Cindy at (909)866-3803 for more information or ask the Moose Lodge 2085 for the trip flyer/enrollment form.

Sorry I didn’t get the news about the karaoke at the Gold Pan last night. Don’t forget that you can come in and post or email me with your activities so everyone reading this gets the news!

Just how many people live in Fawnskin?
The town sign says 380. Cynthia says 440 boxes are rented but that many are only residents in the summer or a few weekends a month. Just thought you’d find that interesting.

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3 Responses to “Commuting

  • 1
    July 10th, 2005 11:54

    Cooper is devasted! He was all set to be a TV star. A sad Boxer is sorry sight to see.

  • 2
    July 10th, 2005 15:03

    I am happy to say I put one of those quarters in the can. Glad to have something fun to read. still working on the final touches of the bathroom, it goes on a bit linger than expected.

  • 3
    July 12th, 2005 08:16

    Thanks for contributing. David, I’ve looked for you several times on my walks. Hope to see you again soon. Take care of our pal!

    🙂 Lindsay, we could have used your star Boxer! The gang brought in for filming were of the geriatric and codependent kind!