Doo Dah, Doo Dah (10am in Fawnskin!)

Are you ready for the big parade today? *grin* The Fawnskin Doo Dah Parade is known as the kookiest and shortest parade around. I am a judge this year and looking forward to all the craziness.

Moose Lodge 2085 told me they are providing BBQ today. Sandwiches are $5 and dinner is $8. Be sure to drop by cuz the food is yummy.

Also, don’t miss the Loggers’ Jubilee at the Pedersen Saw Mill. Lots of testosterone being thrown around there today and tomorrow.

Did you notice the motorcycle hanging off the awning at Hog’s Haven? It was placed up there last weekend for the biker run. (BTW: The event was really successful and they liked it here so much that they are talking about doing another one!)

Anyway, I don’t have the full story on the artist but his name is Tom and the motorcycle is carved out of ONE piece of wood. Nice paint job, too. I’ll have to take a snap.

I don’t have much news because I’ve been inside working and not taking my regular afternoon break. One of the contractors in town was mad at me about the first issue because he worked for the company I mentioned. However, he quickly shut up when I asked him if he knew about all the violations ( I asked him point by point.) He didn’t and turns out he doesn’t work for the company anymore.

Well, the squirrels have left off with the pine cone bombs but now I have a ground squirrel living off my deck. He comes out to see what I am doing (and if it is safe to run around) every afternoon. Santa Monica (I believe…could be wrong) is having major problems with the rodents. They carry plague and their populations are out of control so they have been poisoning them. Bad approach since predators and other animals can get sick or die from the stuff. It hit the newswires yesterday.

Okay, I have to get ready for my BIG judging assignment. I’ll probably hang out in town a while before coming back to work some more.

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