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Just a note to remind you about the paving project today on Brookside. Be sure to alter you driving habits and move any cars. The boys arrived and marked off a couple of points. FYI: I did call them on Friday but (as usual) nobody bothered to call me back. Wow, is that ever a big surprise (they never do).

BTW: The snowplow damaged my bumper over the winter, I’ve call the local yard for the forms and also the down the hill office (three times also). Now I am going to write to the County Supervisor. I know the Mayor contacted their office regarding the multitude of problems this winter.

Anyway, I took photos of the snow pushed all the way under my rear tire axle of my truck and pics of the snow pushed under my awning and onto my stair platform AND pictures measuring how far they came off the road and into the parking pad with the snow. My neighbors and I all had BIG problems.

When I called the yard, Mr. Jim was nasty to me on the phone when I asked him if his current operators were novices (I am a former operator) because they never raised their blades for driveways marked off. Instead of accommodating the three full time residents on the block, they seemed to go out of their way to push all the excess snow into our pads and onto and under our vehicles. Their slopping job also blocked ALL the drains and contributed to the runoff road damage and local flooding as a result.

Anyway, he came out and trudged through the snow to knock on my neighbor’s door and not mine. Never mind that the pathway was shoveled all the way to my door. When I called to check where he was, ‘cuz I was waiting, he said that nobody was home. Sheesh. He also said he didn’t see any damage. Gee, maybe it was because the entire tailgate was covered. I took photos and you can see the bend through the side where the snow melted a bit.

They get a BAD BEHAVIOR award for their actions. Did you know there are empty lots adjacent to me and empty houses across from all of us full timers? Down on the main road, one of our senior residents, who just finished clearing his drive, experienced nasty responses from the operator who also deposited another berm in the cleared area…no other full-time neighbors nearby either.

Contact Dennis Hansberger (Third District Supervisor)

Visit the Third District Website Now or call Mary Patterson in Hansberger’s office at (909)387-4855.

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