Fawnskin Bad Behavior and Hawk Mishap

Today I rose early in anticipation of an early jaunt down the mountain. Fortunately, this did not happen because I was not looking forward to the heat. My neighbor asked for assistance–so of course I was willing to help. The unfortunate aspect of this change in plans was that I would have slept in if I had be informed of the change in advance. The upside of all it? I did get another article written and edited the others today!

At any rate, I caught up with another neighbor by inviting her over for brunch on the deck. I have a fabulous view of the lake and wildlife. She shared recent scuttlebutt about our visit to a cross town neighbor’s home (to deliver past issues of the Fawnskin Flyer). The man travels extensively and invited me to drop by during my mid-day amble. My pal (visiting today) found me during my amble and offerred to give me a lift to snap some photos for this online version. Since I had promised to drop the Flyers off, we swung by on our way.

Anyway, our stop was interpreted (and hence reported to the coffee shop) as an attempt to gather local dirt. It was not. Let me just set the record straight and say that I have enough dirt on this guy to make him miserable! However, the intent is to be interesting and not malicious. So, buddy boy, sorry to disappoint you. However, having two stunning writers in your presence might be a good reason to HOPE for coverage. 😉

During today’s mid-morning visit I suddenly noticed a hawk flying abnormally low on my hill. Sure enough, this dark phased Rough Legged Hawk (Buteo lagopus) slammed right into one of the new windows of the uncompleted construction site next door. I hiked over to the ridge to eyeball him. He naturally was stunned, but my worry was that something else was amiss based on my observation prior to the collision.

I watched him for a while, instructed my visitor to grab one of my towels from inside the house, and hiked down closer. The heat was intense–and I watched to better assess him. I thought it might be advantageous to relocate him to a shaded and less vulnerable position.

As I crouched down a few feet away, he began to gather his wits. Fortunately he was able to fly up to a pine tree nearby; still not normal. I am not sure what was going on with him but he sure was handsome! This is not the normal range for his kind but we sit right in the Pacific Fly Way (migratory path). So, many unlikely species of birds pass through. This makes it quite interesting.

BAD BEHAVIOR: Some idiots visiting one of the lakeshore homes have been screaming, cussing and otherwise being obnoxious from about 11pm until 2am the last two nights. Have you heard them? Is it time to call the sheriff? Anyway, I’ll be collecting the address in the am (it is named, “Castle” EST 1992) and contacting the owner directly. Six cars are in the driveway and it looks like a college group.

Okay, I have not been in town lately. Tomorrow I’ll go into town center and report my findings!

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