Fawnskin Doo Dah Parade Results

The Fawnskin Doo Dah Parade once had the distinction of making the Guiness Book of World Records, however this was NOT the case on July 30, 2005 when the parade lasted 45 minutes. Pretty long for a town that is only a block!

Local residents and visitors began pouring into town shortly after 9am to get a good seat and the town was buzzing. After a false sighting of the Fawnskin Air Force (a hawk soaring over head), Commodore Andy did a fly over (one plane was all we could see) officially starting the parade. However the crowd’s confusion continued when they began cheering for the CHP clearing the way for the parade participants. However in true Fawnskin tradition, he chose to follow that lead and participated with a quick flip of the siren and a big smile.

You gotta love our attitude around here!

Anyway, Big Bear Chamber representative, Chris Elder officiated and tried but couldn’t keep up with the entries! Grand Marshall Noel Blanc (son of Mel Blanc and voices of Bugs Bunny and many other Warner Brother’s characters) forgot to smile and wave at the judges. However, he was busy entertaining the kids—so we’ll overlook it. Honorary Mayor, Lori Gardiner looked fabulous– she even got a lei!

The three judges, Bob Drake, Trish Mahoney and Diana L. Guerrero (me!) had to select the winners from 37 entries—which became a tough task since many rushed by without trying to impress the judges!

Just a reminder, sucking up to the judges is recommended around here and all judges were open to bribes but alas, only one was given. So ultimately, it didn’t make a bit of difference and the judges swear to “work it” harder next year. The parade finalists for 2005 are:

Best Overall
Dairy Queens from the Village of Big Bear Lake.These crazy ladies dressed in their finest COW outfits and sang “Over the Mooooooon.”

Best Children’s
Pork & Beans of Fawnskin, California.
Lucy (our famous summer resident and only Vietnamese pot-bellied pig), Zachary and Abbie got a lot of laughs. Lucy refuses to walk in the parade but rode happily in the wagon while the kids dressed up as cans of beans.

Children’s Second Place
Nika and the House of Flies are also Fawnskin residents. Sporting wings and signs we saw a butterfly, Spanish fly and fruit fly. We liked the Spanish fly’s dancing.

Children’s Third Place
Zoo Camp kids from the Moonridge Animal Park collected funds as they paraded along with their pleads for support to relocate San Bernardino County’s only zoo.

Best Adult
CATS performers transformed into Nuns on the Run and did a parody of the “Sound of Music.” Both men and women sang and performed a choreographed plea for the trophy. Under their robes were unique expressions of their personalities…shoes that is! One of my nun pals gave me the hymnal as a souvenir so here are the words to the judge’s favorite song:

SONG:Our favorite things (Fawnskin style)
Chili on tee shirts And beards on old geezers
Mugs that are frosty And trout in our freezers

Wild moose that meet For a couple of brews
Loggers that fight and end up in the news

Cowboys and poems And pretty young lasses
Horseshoes for pitching And no more jackasses

Tourists and locals And cowboys that sing
These are a few of our favorite things

Here in Fawnskin And in Big Bear Out in Baldwin Lake
These nuns on the run Are just looking for gold
We’ll grab all that we can lake

Adult Second Place
The Women of the Moose 359 sported some fishy outfits this year and one provocative mermaid. (Sorry guys, Cindy is married.) Cliff (wait til you read about this heartbreaker in subsequent issues) and some of the other boys tried to lure them into their boat to no avail but all were seen in Moose Lodge 2085 mingling later. We figured the guys were using the wrong bait…

Adult Third Place
The Northshore Improvement Association’s Non-Marching Band sat while they played their kooky and quirky instruments and were towed along by Ernie from the Antiques store.

Adult Fourth Place
The Friends of Fawnskin sported eagle masks and wings (Is this to protect their identity?) while they marched and sang in protest over development on Bald eagle habitat.

Overall it was well done and fun—as usual. Many of the visitors hiked up to the Logger’s Jubilee to watch the competition. If that sounds good to you, they are continuing today.

Don’t forget that the Fawnskin Festival kicks off at 9am today. Join me for the animal blessing right after opening ceremonies. See you there!

PS Stay tuned for photos. I’ve been promised some…and click here for the Press Enterprise story on the Fawnskin Doo Dah Parade. AND a BIG thanks to Kathy Murphy for her hard work and dedication to the Doo Dah Parade. You GO GIRL!

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