Fawnskin Feels the Heat!

You must know I didn’t move here for hot weather. My ideal weather span is from about 30 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Reports are that it got up to 94 and only started cooling at 5pm. I stayed in after about 10am and didn’t bother to look at my deck thermometer since I knew it was really hot. The good news is that it was hotter outside than in my cabin but still…Anyway, no breeze came through last night. Rats. When the breeze blows it cools everything down nicely.

Today during my daily amble, I stumbled across a baby barn swallow. He had a lot of attitude. When I placed him off the asphalt and onto a tree, he immediately flew back to where he had been, just like any pre-teen. So I left the little fledgling until my return. Mom and the gang must have got the word that I was going to move him again because they swarmed me. I moved him to a rock under the trees and away from the boat ramp. Survival of the fittest is the rule around here, but sometimes you just gotta help out.

Down the road, Mr. Coyote (the alpha dude) was munching on something near the lakeshore. Mama duck and her seven ducklings were oblivious to him OR they knew he was already eating. I think he caught another carp. He didn’t pay any attention to me until I cleared my throat. I was a good 50 feet away and so he didn’t worry much–and went back to eating.

Matich Corp. has sent their doubles up here today. I must have seen eight on my walk. I don’t know why–looks like they are hauling. Anyway, I can see covered loads from my deck and the empty trucks are already heading back. Let me know if you have the scoop on their project.

Speaking of projects, the county did a crappy job on the Brookside paving. They threw down tar and then put a layer of gravel on it. Now the pinecones are stuck in it, the squirrels are dumping their messes into it and I am sure the winter plows are going to tear it up and have it all over our driveways. Maybe they didn’t finish? Lets hope so.

Speaking of stuff all over—when is CalTrans going to send in the sweeper to pick up those thousands and thousands of cinders all around town and on the highway?

Fawnskin residents sure seem to like to travel. Don & Claudia are off to London this week and Dave & Sue are heading for a sailing adventure in Belize. Many of the neighbors don’t think Dave & Sue should be sailing during hurricane season, but I say you probably have more chances of getting hit by a car in transit to get to the airport! Anyway, Dave assures me that they will have ample warning of any storm and will be close enough to land to get to shore. I am not sure if that is good or not—storms can do some pretty good shore damage!

Finally, a group of travelers is heading to the Galapagos next year. So, which should you do? The Ireland trip or the Galapagos trip? Such dilemmas!

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