Fawnskin Festival NOT Flooded Out

Contrary to rumors, the Fawnskin Festival did not get rained out. However, the downpour ran a few of the vendors off and many people moved inside the Moose Lodge to keep dry. Flatlanders are not familiar with the mountain weather. When we say, “If you don’t like the weather just wait a while,” we really mean it! The downpour was over in about a half an hour and the rest of the day was great since it was not too hot and the ground kicked up very little dust!

The music was exceptional. Thanks to everyone who played. Although I didn’t hear about it until later the Women of the Moose decided to serve tostadas which saved the vendors! I also had a GREAT piece of apple/cranberry pie. Yum.

The winners of the apple pie contest were:
1st Place: Kim Dando
2nd Place: Randy Navarro
3rd Place: Dondi Van Horn


Some how our firemen didn’t make it over to do the judging for the apple pie contest. When I queried the group, some didn’t know about it while others didn’t want to get wet. Of course, I HAD to give them a bad time over it. They could have put on their rain gear or jumped in a vehicle and still performed their civic duty…oh well, I’ll cut them some slack since they have two new captains and one new paramedic. They’ll get used to it sometime soon.

Remember my writing about “Brindle” The little lost dog? Well, Ed told me he found the owner. Unfortunately the woman is now homeless and living with friends down the hill and can’t take her. Her husband was supposed to take the dog to the shelter or rescue but he wasn’t thinking straight and dumped her off in Fawnskin. The pup’s name was originally, “Snickers.” Anyway, Ed has been taking care of her. I stop by to see her and romp around with all the canines AND neighbors (Andy and her husband) also make sure she gets attention and snacks. One of the things I like about this community is that people tend to take care of one another and the animals, too.

I got to do a quick blessing of the animals before the pet contest. I asked for the list of winners but nobody seemed to have them. I enjoyed meeting the furred friends and then just meandered around to visit the vendors and the pals I haven’t seen in a while. I don’t leave town much these days and people are starting to filter over to find me.

Thanks for all the kind comments on the flyer. I am still having fun even though it is a lot of work. One of the forestry officers wants to do a Fawnskin Forest Log (kinda like the sheriff’s log) so I’ll be setting up his page shortly. Stay tuned.

Keep those ideas coming. Someone also wanted me to rename one issue the Foreskin Flyer as a joke. Why that nickname comes up for this town I’ll never know. Let me know if you figure it out. I personally don’t like the idea…but you can comment below to let me know what you think about it.

I got the Doo Dah pictures but can’t seem to get my drive to read the disk. Special thanks to “Diane’s of Big Bear.” She does photography and graphic design locally and donated the photos for use on the Fawnskin Flyer. They are copyrighted so don’t use them without her permission. Just give her a call at (909) 585-6153. I’ll take them over to Colleen’s and see if her computer will open it–so stay tuned!

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