Fawnskin Fire & New Game In Town

Many of you probably already know about the ridge fire last night. Engine 49 got right on it and so not much over an acre burned. Just a reminder, fire is serious business—don’t take one lightly and if you don’t have the gear don’t get into the effort unless your local Incident Commander asks you to. If you want to know the scoop, I put up the scanner and fire station links up today.

Did you know that tag is the newest game taking Fawnskin by storm? The young squirrels are running up and down, and around and around the tree trunks. They dart through the different yards and sprint after each other with high energy.

Down the street Andy (Andrea?) and Dennis say that they have one that is really, really noisy. He comes to watch Dennis work on all his projects. I told them he was the supervisor. If you pay attention to you animals, you will discover that they usually are the supervisors on the job. They wisely watch to make sure you are doing the job well but don’t actually get into it themselves.

Speaking of squirrels, if only I could get them to quit leaving their pine cone debris all over my walkways I’d be happy. I bet these are the offspring of Nutkins—they must have the genetic predisposition to making my life hell! He didn’t seem to make it through the winter but I am pretty sure these new guys are related. They have established two nests on the property and I know I am in for an entertaining and probably exasperating time.

BTW: The gravel on Brookside has settled into the tar, for the most part. Still a mess on the edges and in some of my neighbor’s driveways but I feel a little better about it now.

Andy’s sisters are up visiting. Be sure to say hello if you see them around.
Also, Ed informed us that Dottie has taken a turn for the worse. Don’t forget to drop by.

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