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Just a quick note to let all you online readers know that Issue 3 & 4 have sponsors, too. Everyone wants to remain anonymous–which is fine. A BIG thanks to all of you who keep the new Fawnskin Flyer in the black. I am going to guess it is a good omen that all the issues have been supported by the community.

My apologies for neglecting the “Bad Behavior” section. I didn’t feel it was appropriate to talk about the Gonzales incident under that header. The news is that next week’s bad behavior has already been selected!

For those of you reading in Nebraska, Iowa, North Carolina and other cities around the USA–WELCOME! I am thrilled to have you discover our small little town.

This am the scuttlebutt is that we need to find a “sister city.” Hmmmm. So we need to have a place about a block long with less than 380 full time residents and no industry! Comment below with any ideas.

Also, just thought you all would like to know that the weather is cloudy today. Yippee! Why am I so excited? I’ve been told that we average 330 days of sun in this area and so we wake up to sunny skies almost every day. The only times we don’t have sun is during thunderstorms or snowstorms.

My morning walk was quiet but I had a great morning with the boys. Our local “Adonis” is back in town and not only is he fun, but he is great eye candy. Also joining the group was the infamous “tall tale teller.” In addition, the “wise wizard” and “joking Jim” filled the air with amusing banter.

Today’s commentary also included the “competition” on the west side of town between the canoe and kayaking centers. (One is a resident selling boats and the other is an actual boat seller.) Embellishment with merriment is a common practice here in Fawnskin. Anyway, it was a joyous morning filled with frivolity.

The surroundings glowed with the soft pastels of pink and blue–reminding me of the hues in seashells. Sometimes I miss living on the ocean but I love it here, too. Everything was highlighted by the contrasted gray and crisp white clouds. Streaks of sunlight radiated behind the cloud cover and the lake was calm and glassy. *Sigh* Too awesome to describe.

The upside is that the cloud cover means that the weather will be cooler. Unfortunately, locals who had to leave this paradise yesterday, reported sweltering heat of 105-114 degrees Farenheit. Yuck. I didn’t check the thermometer yesterday but am guessing it was around 85 degrees up here. That is HOT for Fawnskin.

Okay, gotta go. Have a spectacular day!

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