Fawnskin Flyer Update July 1st

I just got back from posting the first issue of the Fawnskin Flyer around town. It was great to walk back across town and see people reading the posted version. Cool. Also, Ernie (one of Fawnskin’s Finest–meaning really good people) was happy to see that his Antique Store made the first issue.

Regarding the first issue, the real estate transaction reported (in Bad Behavior) was actually between the seller and the buyer and not a tenant. I got an ear full this am from the local coffee house. Anyway, the real dirt is that is a little different than what I was told. BUT the sheriff stuff and the nastiness was real. Interesting how stories get around.

Speaking of getting around…
On my walk this am I got to see a new clutch of ducklings. They are a bit late hatching as all the others are adolescents already. The mallard has seven new little ones and is hanging out just East of the Grout Bay day use area.

Just beyond her, the dominant male coyote ran up the hill this am with his big ol’ carp. He is looking very handsome in a full coat and good weight. He stopped to gaze at me and to let me admire his catch. Have you heard the story about the local coyotes’ new hunting strategy? They go down to the lakeshore, a few wade in and then they herd the fish up to the waiting jaws of another–and then share in the spoils. They are so smart!

BTW: Thanks for all your comments on the Petiquette article, “Squirrel Neogtiations.” For those of you who missed it, you can find it in On The Mountain Magazine, July/August 2005 Issue. Listen at the Cowboy Poetry Festival coming up July 21-24, 2005 as one of my cowboy poet buddies said he is going to do a poem based on the story. My point that I lost here, thinking about coyotes and hunting, is that road kill is the predator’s version of fast food. This year’s young squirrels have little sense and aren’t running up trees–I lecture them daily about that.

For instance, yesterday I circled around and around a tree telling the critter to climb. She finally did (after about six loops). I told her the only way she is going to make it is to use her sense as ground speed isn’t a good strategy with savvy predators.

I’ve had a killer headache from the heat today and that is why I am blogging again so soon. Headaches are not conducive to the serious book writing process. (Maybe a little dehydration? I’m not used to this heat–over 80 degrees on my deck in the shade.)

The book? Just finished the interviews yesterday and begin today with the other stuff. Maybe tonight after the headache subsides. I seem to be writing tons late into the night. Waking up at 3am isn’t helping.

Had a nice visit with Eddie who lives on Northshore. He has only been in town for four months or so but I feel like I’ve known him all my life. Then I ran into Davidwho is a friend of a pal of mine. So today’s discussions involved alot about relationships, lack of, what you need from one and what you hope for.

I recently asked one of my female pals about her ex. Specifically, what were the redeeming qualities and great things about him and/or the relationship? She only could name traits related to external stuff. Works hard, liked to dress up, good chemistry but nothing that told me any motivators for being in a relationship. I don’t happen to be in a romantic relationship at the moment, and haven’t been in a long time, but it made me think.

What do you look for in a relationship? My last man was kindhearted, artistic, smart and supportive. He was a good cook and easy to be with. However, there were some issues that I couldn’t live with. We remain pals and love each other but I don’t want to be in a relationship just for the sake of being in one. I want to aspire to be the best I can be when I am in a romance and want the same for the man. I also want to be cherished and treated well.

Recently I heard a nasty rumor about me. It made me sad because it isn’t true. I have a full life with friends and work that challenges me. I don’t need to be with someone just to be with someone and hope people have better reasons for getting together with someone beyond the fact they are the opposite sex–I am looking for someone appropriate–not someone to fill time with…I have friends and neighbors to socialize with. Romance? Not really looking but when someone appropriate comes along I’ll recognize him. (Did I mention he MUST be single in every way?)

My pal (and neighbor) Joan, writes as the famous William Sarabande. I just got a picture of “Bill” in her Sound of Music outfit. Click here to see the picture (No promises this will work!) Go see her performance at the PAC (Big Bear Performing Arts Center)this week if you can. Rumor has it she is also a fabulous vocalist.

Okay, gotta go. Hope I didn’t forget anything. (You can buy the Fawnskin Flyer at the Fawnskin Market–just throw two-bits in the coffee can.) If you want to sponsor an issue the price is $25 for an issue. If you are an online reader, I’ll have a paypal button someday soon if you want to kick in on the project!

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