Fawnskin Frivolity & Fawnskin Flyer Goes International!

Fawnskin Flyer Goes International!
Our first foreign visitor dropped in to read the Fawnskin Flyer this week, expanding our online venue from national to international. I am amused by the different visitors from cities and states around the nation. Someone in Illinois apparently sent the link to other pals and now there are three readers from that state.

The site statistics show the city and state people visit from and when they last dropped in for a read. It also shows how they come in—from email, link or undetermined. Sure is fun and interesting!

Lusty Laughter
There was a lot of laughter last night at the “cook your own steak” BBQ at Moose Lodge 2085. I laughed so hard that tears rolled down my face! My recent notoriety as the town gossip columnist is actually a label of distinction around here.

People walk up and say, “Don’t put me in your rag…but did you hear?” and other silliness. I get told more now than I ever did before. I also laugh a whole lot—every day. The community really “owns” the little rag now and people are giving me more and more ideas about what they want to see and what to include.

Sheesh, I am going to have to find a big sponsor to help out as this is cutting in on my other writing work. Also, it is a HELL of a lot of fun. (Did I say that already?) One friend suggested with find a soap manufacturer to sponsor it. Get it? Small town _soap_ opera.

I’d like this to become a cross between the television show, “Northern Exposure” and the radio show, “Prairie Home Companion.” Well, maybe not exactly, but you get the idea.

A couple of sourpusses in town have the wrong idea about the Flyer. A couple of residents swear they don’t want to be in it—and I have news for them, they will be! Also, one guy rants every time I see him. He DOES NOT want to be in the rag. However, when I told him that was too bad because I couldn’t write about the organization he heads up…well, he rushed right over to tell me all about some recent goings on. Heh, heh. Anyway, I told him I would have to call to arrange an interview.

Another guy jumped on me when I said something about being careful what he said since I was the local town “journalist.” He said that I was “nothing but a self-published gossip columnist.” To which I replied, “That’s right. One that has readers across the USA including Nebraska, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, North Carolina, South Carolina and a host of others. What are YOU doing to promote the town of Fawnskin?”

Thinking about it, it wasn’t the nicest way to handle it (it was not my intent to be mean), however the statement was accurate and shut him up—which was the goal. It isn’t like I’m getting rich from spending all this time getting the scoop. AND people are having fun with it. Did I mention that he IS self-published and put a book out about a year ago? I won’t go any further with that but I doubt he has sold as many copies as the Fawnskin Flyer has.

The next day the same guy swore he would never sponsor or place an ad because it would skew the commentary. Hey, the news is: IT IS SKEWED—that’s the point—after all it IS a gossip rag and “not necessarily the news.” BUT I also am interested in _all_ the town activities and people and not a select few. AND I now have a former journalist on staff (also working for nothing) to help out with some of the real stories.

Anyway, you have probably heard about karma. Karma is essentially summarized in “What goes around, comes around.” Meaning, that whatever you do will reap something of equal value. So, his instant karma was that the revelations made last night were about him in all his humanness! Tee hee. Instant karma. Just wait, it isn’t anything malicious but it sure is funny.

On the other hand, it probably is only going to be funny to locals who know him AND to those readers who live in (or grew up in) small towns and know how amusing the little things get when not much else goes on.

Anyway, a bunch of us laughed for at least an hour. Good belling-laughing, can’t-get-your-breath-humor. I still am laughing over it today. God only knows how I am going to write the story–I can hardly retell it because I get the giggles!

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