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For those of you who have asked about Dottie…
Dottie, of Northshore Tavern fame, is 87 years old. Ed reports that she is not doing well and isn’t getting out. Her back has been bugging her and some days she is reluctant to get out of bed. Sad to say, there is a trust in the works. Anyway, drop by if you can since being locked inside is NOT good for the spirit. (She lives behind the tavern.)

County workers…
San Bernardino County employees have been in town working to open up the access to street manholes. You’ll see green rings with numbers on the asphalt marking their locations. The covers were rendered useless when the streets were repaved and covered by those bad boys hired to do the work.

Rumor has it that there were supposed to be tests checking for leaks (new gas lines) and that they were never done. Anybody know the real scoop?

Finally, I saw some county employees digging out the drain pipe entries. Part of the storm damage was due to county plows plugging up the drains with snow. Then the melt flooded many properties in the aftermath of winter. When I asked the employees what they were doing, the reply was, “As little as possible.” Let me just say that this was the WRONG answer in consideration of all the problems Fawnskin has encountered with the county services over the last nine months.

Drakes & Dooleys Revisited
Old school pals of Judge Drake dropped by the coffee house this am. He is down the hill. Too bad they missed him. They are up from Arcadia (staying in Lucerne) and came up to escape the heat.

The Dooley’s have an school pal and her honey visiting this week. So say hello–Jim reports that the Seda Demo Days is officially scheduled for August 27-28, 2005.

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