Fawnskin Postal

Last week I happened to catch the action down at the post office. Most people check in around 11:00am when the mail is up. I usually am working at that time and tend to take my break in the early afternoon. The amble down into town usually includes a stop by the market and sometimes a short stint down to my private box here in Fawnskin.

Last Tuesday I was amused to find our Postmistress Cynthia on her lunch break attempting to get back inside the post office. She sometimes tosses her personal keys back into the place when she heads out—only this time the 92333 keys were also in her hand. The realization hit her as the door closed and locked–with her standing outside keyless.

Anyway, mountain folk are always innovative and (mostly) on good terms with the neighbors so she managed to get some local help to get back in. Just a reminder to us all to have a spare set hidden or housed with a neighbor. It doesn’t hurt to have a contingency plan in the event of an emergency either. Have Cynthia give you the total scoop when you stop by and pick up your mail. I found it amusing to watch the story unfold.

The Moose Lodge yard sale closes at Noon today. I worked all three days, with a short stint this am. Great deals and a great fundraiser for the charities they support. Stop by if you haven’t yet done so…and keep it in mind for next year. They will begin collecting stuff in June and you can clear out your “junk” and help a charity at the same time.

BTW: Happy Fourth of July!

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