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The wet winter has reaped some interesting benefits and amusing antics. Not too long ago spring had really sprung. Many of you noticed that I’ve been walking really early now. This is because of the large number of bugs and liberal amounts of pollen—which makes me sick—literally.

Anyway, one morning I awoke to the frantic distress cries of a duck under my window. I leapt out of bed only to discover that her pursuer was an amorous male—of whom she wanted nothing to do. That seemed to set the tone for the day.

On my walk I saw multiple schools of carp thrashing in the shallows. Groups of twenty to thirty fish all appeared to be males in pursuit of a large female. The females were nudged and shadowed through the shallows—except for those areas where fisherman camped out on the shore; orgies in the lake.

The birds by this time were over their singing and nesting everywhere. Starlings squawked in protest as I pasted their nest mates and some even followed me far beyond their territories.

If that wasn’t enough, on my hike up the hill route back to my abode, squirrels were…uh…err…fornicating in the middle of the street. They were so into their bliss that they let me get within two feet of them before deciding to part and bolt up a tree.

My point is that there seems to be a second wave of passion running through town. It began a day or two ago. Our famous summer resident Lucy, the miniature pot bellied Vietnamese pig, is reported to be in full heat and horrible to deal with.

Buddy, the big red dog, has a new girlfriend that he was chasing around this morning. She is a small brindled dog with a red collar. Apparently she is not fixed. I also saw a notice at the post office that she doesn’t seem to have a home.

And those carp are leaping and sloshing in ecstasy again.

I just thought I would fill you in on the amorous environment we have here. Maybe I’ll be able to get a date soon after all!

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