Misty and Cool AM in Fawnskin

This morning I awoke to a rare sight, the fog was rolling in from the East end of the valley. The air had a nice chill to it and as I ambled along the lakeshore, a steamy mist rose off the lake surface. The normally noisy ducks and coots were pretty quiet. In fact, the entire area was pretty silent. It was a great shift from the heat and humidity of the past couple of weeks. However, the sun is up and the fog is gone on this end at 8am. But, I suspect we will have cooler temperatures due to the marine layer and lower temps down the hill.

My weekend was pretty fun and I hit the hay really early yesterday. I was lucky to avoid all the motorcycles and noise by being tucked away in upper Moonridge with the gang. We had a good Sunday ranch breakfast filled with laughter, stories and other tall tales.

The Cowboy Gathering was fabulous, as usual, and I got to listen to previews of George Dickey’s next CD, get the scoop on the happenings with my other pals and brainstorm ideas. Alas, the squirrel negotiations poem did not get shared. Darryl misplaced my article and but promised to have it soon.

The thunderstorms didn’t cause too much trouble until yesterday afternoon but there is speculation that the crowds were down because of it. I sure hope they do the event again next year but I noticed a drastic drop in vendors, perks for the performers, sponsors and brochure quality and attendance.

Lots of the boys have house concerts and maybe we can coerce them up here to Fawnskin and do a min-version if they do cancel the event. All of them love it here not only because of the friendly atmosphere and beauty of the area, but also because they get to bunk together and catch up with each other instead of rushing to their different venues and heading back to their hotel rooms.

I got an invite to apply for an on call arrangement over the weekend and so cross your fingers. Being a creative type is sometimes really difficult on the cash flow end. (I would like to have another patron like I did in San Diego.)I might have lots of projects at the moment but at the moment the monetary situation has been horrible. Cross your fingers and toes…and if you need any assistance at work give me a jingle!

BTW: Today is the NO BUTTS effort to quit smoking by Colleen. If you feel like joining her just email. Cynthia (Post Master) mentioned that it would be a great idea and perhaps stop all the butt littering in her parking lot. She is tired of sweeping up the butts!

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