Small Town, Big Score

The Fawnskin Flyer is creating quite a buzz around town. Doris, of the Fawnskin Market, didn’t elaborate but I got some direct feedback including:

  • A volunteer who wants to do a poetry corner.
  • Complaint that the full story of Bad Behavior was not divulged. (See the Sheriff Log in the Grizzly.)
  • A volunteer for the position of “Fawnskin Paparazzi.”
  • Comments on how amusing the first issue was and that it was about time someone published a gossip rag.
  • The antique store stressed that nothing is set in stone as they are still pending on the project.
  • Lots of snickers on the issue—one reader’s personal favorite was the oxygen deprivation theory from the online issue.
  • The Moose Lodge actually raised $50,000 for the MS Walk and ranked number one!
  • Kim Dando felt left out–she also got a new vehicle this week.

Today I volunteered at the annual 4th of July yard sale at the Moose Lodge. A fun group, there were some BIG scores. One lady fell in love with a little deer—which was sold for a dollar and turned out to be a Lladro when I took a gander. I suggested she dart out of the lot before we got wise. There were many lovely vintage pieces and Emily scored on the best Hoover antique sewing machine in mint condition (and converted to electric).

The best thing about working the sale (besides being a good fundraiser) is the teasing and camaraderie between those working and visitors. Thanks to all of you who dropped by. Don’t forget that we will continue the sale until Noon on Monday. Keep coming by because we keep adding new things! Thanks to the other garage sale people for sending their visitors down to the lodge. Be sure to plan to donate your items to the sale next year.

The evening BBQ was fabulous as usual. The slow cooked pork and beef roasts are served up with a fabulous spread of side dishes. David and I met for dinner and created quite the stir. During dinner the silent signals, gesturing and questioning looks were rampant. Cliff came up to me later and told me I broke his heart. Geez guys, it was only dinner!

Meet Your Neighbor
I thought it would be nice to do a meet your neighbor section. I know most all of my neighbors and quite a few people through town. However, I don’t know everyone and I doubt most residents do either. So, I thought I would start with my neighbor, Howard.

Howard can be seen walking along the Northshore most mornings. He is a very talented pianist and spends about four hours a day practicing. He is single and enjoys reading and writing. It is not true that the purpose of his walk to pay tribute to the boy’s memorial on the highway. (Another topic for another issue.) It is true that he is part of the coffee group that meets in the mornings at Bear Creek Nut & Coffee or the Northshore Café.

Lucy Runs Amuck!
Lucy has been running around town again. This was disconcerting to many visitors and new residents because Lucy is a pig—really a swine. REALLY! This pot-bellied pig managed to push her way out of her pen and ran up and down the business section town, invaded the antique store’s property and attempted to escape capture.

Doris, the owner of the Fawnskin Market, is tenacious and determined and soon had Lucy back in custody. This is yet another reason why we need to adhere to the 25mph speed limit through town! Maybe Lucy can be lured with carrots and apples? This pig is leash trained but perhaps she needs to go to school. Hmmm. Maybe she should appear in the Doo Dah Parade.

Did you know?
One amusing fact is that the Moose Lodge constantly receives calls for room rentals. The lodge is a private club and not a motel or hotel. However those calls keep coming in!

Oh yeah, I forgot to include the horseshoe tournament news. No tournament this weekend due to the holiday. The competition continues next Saturday at 2pm in the pits behind the lodge.

Okay, that is it for now. Check back soon and don’t forget to share those stories or send in your questions!

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