The FAWNSKIN FLYER Volume 1 Issue 3 July 15, 2005

Issue 3
Not Necessarily News for Fawnskin, California
Priceless when posted! Otherwise .25¢

Fawnskin Flyer
This week the Fawnskin Flyer is changing format. I’ve found visitors perusing the posted Flyers and decided to list events as a result.

The distribution this week was up (due to sponsorship) but I don’t have the final numbers. Estimates? Double last week. Look for the actual number online…final count is 70!
I’ve sent out invitations for the Fawnskin Flyer Online via resident email addresses in my database. You don’t have to subscribe to view the Fawnskin Flyer online–only if you want to post any comments or events.

Please call the tip line  and keep us informed of the latest and greatest scuttlebutt and news around town.

Remember, we won’t be malicious–but we will be interesting. This rag isn’t meant to be taken seriously but rather just to be fun and useful to all.

The Fawnskin Market sells the Fawnskin Flyer for .25 cents and is the exclusive distributor! The UPS Store is assisting publication and as a result sponsorship pricing has dropped! Sponsor the printed issue for $15 or a $50 bucks for the month. It won’t be anything fancy, but it is cheap! Just give Guerrero Ink a call (800) 818-7387 if you are interested–or write a check.!

Public restrooms are located in the triangle area of town. Look for the deer statues and you’ll find the facilities in the building nearby.

Necessary Numbers:
All are (909) area code unless listed otherwise.
Fire Station 49 866-4878
Arson Line (800) 468-4408
Forestry Officer 866-3437 x2810
Fish & Game Tips (888) 334-2258
Solar Observatory 866-5791
Discovery Center 866-3437
Camp Whittle 866-3000
Serrano Campground 866-8550
Fishing Licenses 866-9464
Fawnskin Market (Bait & Adventure Passes) 866-9543
Moose Lodge 2085 866-3013
Post Office 866-3245
Fawnskin Flyer Tipline:
Fawnskin Flyer Sponsorship: 1-800-818-7387

Fawnskin Events
There is a whole lot going on here in Fawnskin. I’ve included select events here. See the complete Fawnskin list of events with details/times.

July 16, 2005
Moose Lodge 2085 competes at Chili Cookoff in Big Bear Lake

July 23, 2005
Beat the Heat at Moose Lodge

July 30-31, 2005
Loggers Jubilee in Fawnskin

July 30, 2005
Doo Dah Parade in Fawnskin

July 31, 2005
Fawnskin Festival at Moose Lodge

August 1, 2005
Fawnskin Chamber at BBARWA

August 7, 2005
Zoo Fundraiser at Inn at Fawnskin

August 8, 2005
Community Potluck at Fawn Harbor

August 9, 2005
Big Bear Chamber in Fawnskin

August 19-20, 2005
Moose Lodge Camp Out

August 27, 2005
Summer Picnic at Fawn Harbor

Buts & More Butts
Mountain Peeves by Colleen Nuzzo
I’m saving my intended topic for next week, since this one is timely. David responded to the online edition of the Fawnskin Flyer–posting about people who throw lit cigarettes out of their vehicles. Another reader commented about seeing tourists throwing lit butts on the ground without putting them out. Hello! At worst the guilty parties can destroy our beautiful paradise, and at the least it is called littering!

Commenting on this nasty behavior makes me feel a bit hypocritical, since I am a smoker.

My way of depositing butts may be considered gross, but using a dedicated water bottle is preferable to the aforementioned alternatives. (I won’t use the ashtray in my car, and no smoking is allowed in the house.) I keep water on hand in my vehicles, and one day my hubby came home sputtering after he took a drink of a full bottle of water, only to have an ugly surprise in it! Ooops! Done it myself once, after absentmindedly dropping a remnant in the wrong bottle.

Sometimes subtle messages (instead of a 2×4 ) work, so I am taking the feedback I received to get into action: I called 1-800-NOBUTTS, a non profit organization sponsored by the state of California. They gave me, the guru on how to quit, some helpful strategies, plus a half hour counseling session. My dedicated counselor will follow up after my quit date, and I can call the hotline; they will get a message to him if he isn’t available. I feel special.

Considering this week is the one-year anniversary of my father’s death from congestive heart failure, I think this move is apropos. Anyone interested in joining me in a support group? (Email me through the online Flyer edition.) Our publisher has agreed to donate some of her valuable time and space for the social outcasts that smoke and want to quit.

Years ago, I spent a summer living on a cabin cruiser that was moored in Huntington Harbor. I took great pleasure operating and taking care of the boat. One day, the owner of the neighboring slip approached me and asked me how I could be such an outdoor enthusiast and smoke! I ponder that observation occasionally, and feel that principle applies to living in the mountains.

July 25th is my quit date. Anyone up to the challenge can join me online.

Sad Incident
The scuttlebutt around town lately concerns the unsolved case of David Gonzales. Rather than listen to all the speculation, I called one of the investigative officers and then talked to the current detective in charge of the case. Here is the summary and what the official scoop is.

The Gonzales family were camping at Hanna Flats when David disappeared July 31, 2004. The search for the nine-year-old boy lasted nine days. Volunteer forces from the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department, the California Department of Fish & Game and Border Patrol canvassed the area. Expert trackers, search dogs, and search teams also combed the area on foot, on motorcycles, on horseback and from a helicopter in the quest to find the missing child.

On August 8, 2004 the search effort was scaled back. Search teams with dogs were dispatched on August 15, 2004 and again on August 21, 2004 with negative results.

On August 18, 2004 a $5,000 reward was offered by the Carol Sund/Carrington Memorial Reward Foundation.

A child’s skull was found in the area on May 29, 2005. Additional remains were recovered on May 30, 2005. Only the skull, two long bones and a couple of vertebrae were recovered approximately 3/4 of a mile from the campground.

Decomposition of materials in the surrounding area is consistent with those found on the bones, indicating that the remains have been there a while.

On June 1, 2005 a forensic odontologist identified the dental remains as belonging to David Gonzales. The autopsy was performed on June 3, 2005 and the case will remain open until the underlying cause of death is found.

The County Sheriff’s department criminal investigative officer assigned to the David Gonzales case said that the official cause of death is, “undetermined.”

The four theories pondered included:

  • exposure
  • wild animal predator
  • human predator
  • undetermined

Many experts from a variety of agencies were involved in the analysis of the remains. These included, but were not limited to, a tool mark expert, forensic pathologist, forensic anthropologist, wildlife anthropologist, wildlife forensic pathologists, wildlife biologist, and crime scene investigators.

No clothing or shoes were located at the scene and the missing car keys have not been recovered.

Links of interest:

Web Sleuths: David Gonzales

Trucking Boards: David Gonzales

Rim of The World Discussion: David Gonzales

David Gonzales Website

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