The Incredible Shrinking Woman Gets Slimed

Thanks to all of you for your kind comments. My new nickname is “The Incredible Shrinking Woman” and someone else told me, “You’re turning into a real street walker.” Sheesh, the wit around here!

I’ve been walking six days a week for about 13 weeks now. I have not lost any poundage but apparently inches. At least that is what everyone is telling me. Many of you know that I went through some heavy stress that took a toll on my body and so I am working to still climb out of that hole.

For those of you who see me daily, I don’t usually see you but it isn’t anything personal. So, when I am ambling along—keep in mind that it is akin to sleep walking. If you see me jump when you say hi or honk—that is why! This weekend the problem is escalated since I am staying up WAY past my bedtime with other creative types. I figure I can sleep when they leave on Sunday.

This am I met Ivor and Doug. Ivor is a very large Great Dane and belongs to Doug who bought the place at the juncture of Mohawk and Brookside. I don’t have any qualms about making dog friends and always return home covered with dirt, dog hair and slime. Maybe that is why dating is difficult because I am NOT a pretty picture by the time I get home (and before you make a smarta** comment, yes I know I look like hell in the am). Anyway, Ivor left me a large parting gift of slime across my chest this am. Yuuuccck.

Otis, my St Bernard pal, pitched a fit at Ivor and so got a time out. I love Otis and say hi to him every day but you all know that I hate bad behavior. My dog pals help heal the space left after the loss of my beloved Clyde (who passed away prior to my move to Fawnskin) and that’s why I have so many dog pals. I don’t think I’ve ever loved something so much in my life and it is a big spot to fill…my pal, Paul Hendel and I were discussing our dog losses last night and perhaps that is why it came up. Clyde and his Oso were “cousins” and best pals. The delinquents always made us laugh. I’ll have to dig out a photo and post it.

Paul Hendel is a western entertainer. When the Cowboy Gathering comes to town I tend to overdose on the fabulous music and humor of the cowboy poets. I’ve had the pleasure to get to know a lot of the top talent and Paul’s wife makes me swear to keep him out of trouble while he is up here. She is a budding actress and is busy with another play. I keep hoping she will come up to visit again but it hasn’t happened yet. I met the duo when they lived in Arrowhead during my first residency in the Big Bear Valley.

SO, my point is that the cowboy poetry and music event is beyond any expectation you could have and if you can make it to the event today or tonight you’ll be glad. Besides, you’ll miss all the motorcycles during the run today!

In my sleepy stupor this am, I noticed a couple of truckloads filled with CDF fire crew. They didn’t stop here but I didn’t get the scoop. Keep an eye on the scanner and the skies. Looks like we are in for some more thunderstorms already.

I won’t be back to leave you a note until Monday as I am going to stay with a household of those crazy cow folks in upper Moonridge. Be sure to call me with any tidbits!

Oh yeah, I can’t believe how much “toilet” humor everyone has been sharing with me. I personally believe the last issue was fairly gross, but the comments are worse. Everybody has a story—but the toilet issue is done and it is time to move on!

PS I stopped by the house of Napoleon and Cleo yesterday afternoon. Napoleon wasn’t off running amuk. He is fine and was off on adventures with his dad. Cleo was the sole escape.

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One Response to “The Incredible Shrinking Woman Gets Slimed

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    July 23rd, 2005 15:40

    I have many boxes of burnable scrap wood
    at the Spittlers on Navajo waiting to be adopted by a good person like yourself. If you can use them, email me and I will drop them off for you. If you know of another who can use some wood, let me know. I will make the arrangements.