Thundershowers in Fawnskin

Were you glad to finally have some precipitation this week? I was! Didn’t get much work done because I shut my computer down due to the lightening, but I loved it. Daily afternoon thundershowers were common when I first moved into the valley back in the late 1980’s.

I happened to be out on the East end the other day when it really poured and was disappointed to get home and find it hadn’t even drizzled. Now I know why the old saying, “Don’t like the weather here in the Big Bear Valley? Just wait a minute” is so popular.

Once, when I was still training animals for the Park District, it was sunny a cheery on the East end, but when I arrived at Meadow Park for the class, my students were hiding in their cars because the snow was falling so heavily and about three inches of snow was on the ground.

Speaking of the Park District, the rumor that “Fawnskin has been trashed by the Park District” is currently under investigation. The copy of the budget we got a hold of is really vague. Nothing is clearly delineated—instead it is all lumped together. We’ll let you know what is up as soon as we find out.

Some people are wondering about the marina situation. Captain John has exercised his option to keep the existing lease—even though the district keeps bringing him new ones. John says, that he has declined to accept the new lease until it is more amiable and is listening to his legal counsel. He has prepaid the annual amount, but stay tuned.

BTW: I’ve been tossing around the idea of bringing monthly events to town; artisans, musicians and the like. What do you think? It isn’t being done elsewhere in the valley due to red tape. I remember with Bear Lake used to have some great events and I think we can get it happening here without much drama. Let me know if you are interested in helping this happen.

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