Okay, it seems that too much happens around here. I really can’t keep up! The evening of the 7th I got immense joy from seeing everyone at the Moose reading the Fawnskin Flyer at once. Geez, I don’t think I’ve ever been in the place when it has been so quiet!

Thanks for all your support and stories. I appreciate the sponsor stepping forward to help. I am no longer in the red! The UPS Store gave me a break on the printing this week and so the funds covered both last week and this week. Also, locals who ran into me got free issues.

FYI: The exclusive distributor is the Fawnskin Market. Pitch a quarter in the coffee can and take one home. Actual sales were 20 (Doris made me count) plus the four flyers taken off the public displays. Total of 24 for the first issue and a whopping $5.05 in the can. This week’s sponsor also bought the lovely plastic display for the flyers. Fancy!

Notes: FYI=For your information BTW=By the way…sorry ’bout that.

Just a few tidbits that people mentioned to me yesterday:

  • Ronnie finally got his tractor off the main drag. Hope all is well. We sure LOVE you (especially in the winter when you save some of us from the massive flooding due to county bad behavior).
  • The Moose highway clean-up is next Saturday at 10am. Meet in front of the lodge.
  • BTW: I’ve had complaints about an assigned area of the highway that never gets cleaned up by the advertised party. Anyone have any news on that?
  • Lori at the MWD was hauling trash this am. I noticed that the disposal company is lagging a bit on dumping the overflowing bins. AND big Dave says they refused to empty his new fancy trash can this week. Naughty, naughty. Make a phone call.
  • Nancy has posted her fundraiser for the Moonridge Animal Park. Date: August 7, 2005. Get yer tickets.
  • Recent speculation is going around town again and I am looking into it. FYI: I was referred to homicide and will probably be able to update you in the July 15th issue.
  • Abbie (Fawnskin Market) is the youngest supporter of the Fawnskin Flyer. The 7-year-old heard me lamenting about writing on napkins and needing to carry a notepad. AND contrary to rumor, my arm is not hurt, Abbie made a notebook for me and that is what has been strapped to my arm! It works really well!
  • Lucy, the minature pot-bellied pig, is only visiting for the summer. However, she is making quite the impression and I’ll be updating you on her activities regularly!
  • Barbara left this morning so she can be on hand to welcome her NEW grandson due on Monday.
  • Dennis & Kathy are off to Hawaii next week for Jeff’s wedding. Congrats and have fun. BTW: They both have birthdays later this month.

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