Up the Creek

I am sad to report that Grout Creek is no longer flowing down through the highway. It dried up earlier last week–although up stream there are still reports of a trickle and pools. I’d have to say that one of the most enjoyable sights for me this year was witnessing all the business owners down on the banks watching the trout spawn. All the store owners (and even the customers) were taking time out to enjoy nature. I love small town living because it is precious–especially when it remains important to take time out to enjoy the little things of life and to share those experiences with others–these are things I really like about living in this town.

BTW: Did you notice the nice work being done at Tim Wood’s place? Great job on the flowers and the driveway work is fab. Rumor has it that his son is getting married in August. Congratulations Tim!

On my am walk with visitor Elivia, she pointed out that someone had posted the Fawnskin Flyer on a nail in front of one of the local homes. Thanks to whoever posted it as it made us smile. I am enjoying the laughter and ideas that keep coming my way regarding this project.

There have been requests for several new sections in the Fawnskin Flyer. Keep in mind that I only want it to be a flyer with two sides. Even so, here are some more suggestions:

  • Meet Your Neighbor (already covered in the online edition)
  • Tall Tales (Who can tell the biggest most succinct whopper?)
  • Mountain Peeves (column request—for venting)

I believe I will highlight some suggestions on the printed flyer and go in depth with the others online. I have a sponsor for the next issue (anonymous) but keep in mind it is only $25. Sponsors will make sure there are free copies throughout the neighborhood!

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