Which Way Do We Go? Fawnskin Fire Fighters Create Speculation

Most everyone knows the subtle clues of the Fawnskin fire engine calls. Sitting in town center reveals a whole lot. Basically, the rule of thumb is that if the boys at Station 49 drive by in their yellow gear, there is a fire, otherwise it is probably a TC (traffic collision) or other call.

Well, yesterday the whole crowd at the Moose Lodge 2085 got a good chuckle after the boys went out heading East and then suddenly were rushing back through town heading West. A lot of joking was going on. The REAL story is that there are two dispatch centers down the hill. When people phone in calls they don’t always know where they are or don’t convey accurate information. In such cases, the boys are radioed with corrections. However, don’t let that get in the way of a good story to tease Dave with!

Fire House Dogs
This morning was my social day. I love chatting with Jim and the boys at Bear Creek Coffee. Soon after, I found myself pulling a dog off the highway. She wasn’t hit, just standing in the middle of the bridge and wagging her tail!

Anyway, I had not met her before BUT I am a friend to her canine companion that seems to be missing. After a call to animal control from the fire house, I walked Cleo back into her yard. The gate wasn’t latched and her two-year-old yellow lab pal is running around somewhere. I believe he usually wears a red collar; his name is Napoleon. If you find him he lives in the house next to the fire station on the corner of Mohawk.

My other observation of the area dogs (Did I mention my dog pal count is somewhere around 25?) has revealed that their favorite stops are Ed’s house (aka dog party house) and the fire station? The boys really don’t want them peeing on everything but the canines believe the fire house is the best place for leaving their scent.

I think the problem might be that there are not enough fire hydrants for them to pee on and so they are subliminally trying to get that message through by their actions. SO, if your dog is missing be sure to check at the fire house and then Ed’s up off Cherokee and Mohawk.

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