Adventures Outside of Fawnskin

Well, I have to confess! I actually left Fawnskin for adventures down the hill. I am pretty exhausted, but here is a brief summary:

Today was spent at the Sawdust Festival in Laguna. Originally launched in 1967, this venue presents a wide variety of artists. Julita Jones remains one of my favorites from past visits and we got to chat with her sales guy Paul. He owns five pieces himself and gave us the inside scoop along with insights into the unique framing details.

A new favorite is Scott Moore. I was lost in his work and transfixed in his booth for the longest time—more than any other booth and actually got to meet him. Be sure to check him out his work is unreal (surreal, really).

Jennie Riker presented some unique works on copper and bronze. We were teasing her about using acid—-because her work incorporates the use of acid and other techniques to compose striking works of art. She had many horses but her interpretation and creation of petroglyphs were astounding.

Kate Macdonald gave me some great tips about her wall fountain and after glancing at her jewelry, I found out she also is involved in Greyhound rescue.

Finally, we found kindred spirit Suzanne Lilly and immediately adopted her. She introduced us around and promised to call. She promises to visit Fawnskin before 2005 ends and she made sure we got invitations to the Blue Water September events (whose themes include world peace and environmental awareness).

The musical highlights included listening to singer Niki Smart, a South African talent accompanied by Bob Hawkins. I actually overdosed on art (can you do such a thing?) and was taking a break listening to this talented duo next to the lovely waterfall before tackling the second wave of art gluttony.

Another treat was listening to Poul Pederson of Missiles of October. Wow! Anyway, we got invites and are letting you in on the secret—Poul and his band play every Thursday (8-12) and Sundays (4-8) at the Marine Room on Ocean Avenue in Laguna. Hey, they are worth the trip so get down there and enjoy the talent!

Before I forget, my new moniker is G.G.(GiGi) for gossip girl!


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