Apologies from Fawnskin Gossip Girl

I hope you have missed my presence here and I apologize for not having been attentive to my unofficial duties as “gossip girl.” Last week’s work left me physically fatigued. I spend a good deal of time sleeping and resting over the weekend and didn’t even turn my computer on until Monday afternoon!

Classic Cars
The big weekend event was the classic car parade through town. Actually, it was more like a drive-through, but anytime we get more than two or three cars going down the road it feels like a parade! The car enthusiasts spiff up their vehicles and even dress for the annual occasion. We saw some beauties from the early 1900’s and up. Everybody got so exuberant that they even cheered the CHP who drove through town during the ruckus. Small town silliness seems to be our forte.

Andy’s Antics
Andy installed a solar panel so use caution when you go by—he is stopping everyone to invite you in for a closer look at his set up. I’m glad someone else gets excited over the simple things in life.

BTW: Jim & Janet are being visited by relatives from Yuma. Be sure to stop by and say hello.

Rain, Rain, Come Again…
Sunday night the east end of the valley got hammered with torrential rain but Fawnskin only got a few drops. I’ve noticed that the weather has definitely begun to have the fall nip in the air. The days are already getting shorter, too.

Volcano Rumblings
Did you know we have our own volcano? Mount Fawnskin apparently went off and the sheriff had to come out to investigate. He could hear the rumbling all the way down the hill. I’ve been asked to omit the details from the bad behavior column but you’ll probably see it elsewhere.

Neighbors: Naughty & Nice
My nice neighbors are coming up this week. I enjoy their visits. In the meantime, the badly behaved neighbor lied again (gee, was that a surprise) and I am going to have to break the bad news to the nice neighbor. They have been wanting to avoid a lawsuit but I am going to guess this may get ugly in the near future.

Magnificant Monks
The monks have their roof frame up and are really going at it. I suspect they will be finished by October at this rate. Makes the karma of my bad neighbor apparent as they have been working on their project for over a year and it still isn’t done.

Okay, I have to get out and run errands this am and I have to get back to my writing projects!

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