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Radio Station Update
I received a call back from Darryl at Channel 6 yesterday. He informed me that they have been in discussions with Steve Blood about establishing a broadcasting liaison via their existing frequency. Steve apparently has been a DJ and worked with KISS and KROQ. If all goes according to plan, they will begin broadcasting next week from the established Channel 6 Station known as KO6MU which is on the dial at 87.7FM. the group plans to eventually cover live events and offer other commercial services.

Dating Criteria Comments
Last night at the Moose a couple of people added their comments to the dating criteria. Here they are:

  • Al: Be sure they don’t have a past reputation of stalker behavior so they don’t start showing up where ever you go.
  • Kim: Just make sure they can fog up a mirror. (She means, make sure they are breathing!)

Postal Mystery
The sheriff was in town again! This time to investigate the abandoned car at the post office. Anyone know who it belongs to? The white vehicle is registered to a Riverside resident and has been parked in the lot since the 18th. It will be towed shortly if it is not moved.

Wouldn’t you know, as soon as I said something about not seeing the coyotes they heard me and had to prove different. Yesterday, one trotted my way and stopped to mark (poop, actually) on top of a big boulder. I’ve only seen one other canine do that. Then, this morning about 3am a whole pack serenaded me from right under my deck! They were celebrating the full moon and reminding me that they are still around and making sure I don’t say such stupid things about missing seeing them again.

Fawnskin Community Church
People have been asking if I know anything about the Fawnskin Community Church. Yep, I do.

(Just fooling around. )The place was purchased by a private owner and is being converted into a private residence. Robert and Christie are the owners and are relocating from the Los Angeles area. At the moment they are heavily into repairs.

I was told that the place was last run by the “Set Free Ministries,” which was known around town as a biker ministry. They conducted concerts as part of their ministry. Many of the neighbors are happy the 3800 square foot facility is going to be a private abode.

November 14th
Unless there are any unexpected changes, our county supervisor should be up visiting us at the November North Shore Improvement Pot Luck on November 14th. Mark you calendars! We’ve been gathering up some questions regarding issues that have not been dealt with–so bring your questions and let’s have the whole town show up!

Starling Social
This morning a whole flock of starlings were down on the rocks at the boat ramp. I wasn’t sure what they were up to, but they were making short clipped chirp variations of their regular calls. The group kept moving ahead of me. Just wondering what they were up to, figure they were having an early morning social event at the lake before the crowds arrive.

You may have noticed runners along the highway over the past week. I have no idea what groups they are but they look like high school kids. Ask around and let me know.

The scuttlebutt around town is that a women’s ministry group wants to plant a tree and establish a memorial in Fawnskin for David Gonzales with a lot of publicity around it.

Although I understand the concept, I wonder if this town wants to bring such a tragic event to the forefront again and lock it into everyone’s minds with a tribute in town. I’d feel better if it was located closer to where he disappeared. We have a park tribute to the tragedy of 9/11 and Evan Conroy’s memorial next to the highway. Do we need to establish a cemetery?

Hey! I include events as a public service. If you change your dates and want me to get them right you just need to call or tell me because I am not going to track you down. On that note:

— the chamber won’t be meeting in September due to the holiday AND

–the Moose Horseshoe Tournament BBQ is Sunday instead of Saturday due to the camp out.

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