Beware: Radio Station?

Remember I mentioned hearing that a new radio station is supposed to be forming up here?

Well, I found a couple of flyers today for advertising and am wondering if someone is trying to run a scam up here again. The two numbers advertised as being associated with “Bear Valley Radio” belong to The Pub and to Channel 6. I called Sandy at The Pub and she didn’t know her business number was being advertised. She did talk to the guy back in July but that is it.

The call letters and frequency is listed as K-PUB, 102.7 FM but in my online research, no such station is listed. (BTW: 102.7 receives KISS FM here in Fawnskin.)

Anyway, I tried calling Channel 6 and am waiting for a call back regarding my message.

Via the grapevine, I heard the guy trying to start the station is named is Steve Blood.

Stay tuned for the latest when I get it!

Update August 23, 2005: Please see the post from August 22, 2005 for the latest update on Bear Valley Radio. I got a phone call from Steve Blood today but he did not leave a return phone number. He apparently is not aware of all the scams that have preceeded him up here and is understandably upset about this post.

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