Last night I actually closed my windows for the first time in ages. There has been a subtle nip in the air but yesterday I felt a bigger shift. I wonder if we are going to have an early winter.

This morning I went to see Sampson. Sampson is a delinquent–he is very smart and very active which means he is a handful. The five month old kitten belongs to my neighbor and they both seem to have figured out how to torment me. You know they say that pets take after their owners–and this is certainly the case!

Anyway, I am working on teaching Sampson to not use his claws so much. He gets very excited and uses his claws to push off of any human launch pad. Sometimes he also wants to climb up your legs and then he just is so happy that he has his claws extended much of the time.

Beyond clawing, he also runs around in circles. In my youth, we called this behavior “riot hour.” If you notice, most animals are very active and vocal in the early morning or early evening hours. The cool air doesn’t help either! Crisp and cool means more activity! (My pal Otis the St. Bernard was pretty frisky this AM, too.)

Anyway, Sampson’s attempts to trip me by weaving through my feet were unsuccessful. I ended up sitting down so I could let him come back and forth (much like a ping pong ball) between his food, toys and attention. He couldn’t decide what he wanted to do. UNTIl he brought me his mouse.

The toy mouse was not want he wanted. He was attempting to get me to remember to unlock his favorite fishing pole mouse and play with him that way. His acrobatics and hunting skills are fast developing through the use of this ingenious device. The other nice thing about it is that he knows it is a human-animal interaction and prefers it to just playing with his toys AND he doesn’t get in trouble for using his claws and being crazy.

I’ll be glad when his dad returns tomorrow night. He really needs so heavy family attention!

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