Fawnskin Buzzing; Mixer Tuesday 5pm

Wow, so much happens in this little town that I can’t keep up! Don’t forget that Tuesday at 5pm the Big Bear Chamber is holding their mixer at Northshore Trading Company and Bear Creek Nut & Coffee in downtown Fawnskin!

Zoo Fundraiser
Last night the weather was good for the zoo fundraiser at the Inn at Fawnskin. I hope Nancy will put up a small report but everyone that I’ve met who attended said to make sure you don’t miss it again! Good job Nancy—let us know the final figures.

Monday night was the community potluck. This is the North Shore Improvement Association’s (NSIA) gathering and monthly update. If you are a homeowner or resident you should join—it is only ten bucks and you get all the scuttlebutt in one place!

Dave H. reported on the Bear Valley Pool. The location will be in Meadow Park (Big Bear Lake) on the park district grounds. The tentative location is between the offices and swim beach. The plans are for a 25 meter pool with a maximum depth of 12 feet. Solar heat and subterranean pumps are in the plans, along with a therapy pool and shallow children’s wading pool. New technology is incorporated into the plan so that the sides and roof can be opened or closed and the design should accommodate any snow load. Stay tuned for updates.

Andy got a lot of laughs when he reported on the chamber. He said the criteria to join are to have $50 and a pulse—but on the other hand, maybe only the $50 is necessary! Membership today was reported at 37.

Rick has been holding out on me. Apparently a landscape architect dropped by the community garden at the post office. He asked many questions about the garden and then said that Fawnskin should be proud of it as it is one of the best he has seen, and reported that he has seen lots of them. For those of you who don’t know, the garden is planted and kept up by a group of volunteers and the post office pays for the water. Good work guys.

Dieter Cheats Again
Remember our Dunking Donuts story? Well, Doris says she is going to have to start collecting hush money from him. I also just got a report from a private party who said he was sneaking brownies and slyly stuffing cookies into his pockets during a recent gathering. Oh my, I bet he will be surprised at how many people actually know what he is doing.

Back in home port…Dave & Sue are back from their sailing adventure but declined to state just what went on. Some of you might remember that we all were worried about them due to the hurricane risk. Anyway, when asked for a comment, Sue said, “Let me just say it was one of our most memorable trips and we will probably be talking about it for a while.” Well guys—tell us!

Garden Club
Kathy said to let everyone know that the Garden Club is having a GREAT sale on August 13th. Drop by 437 W. Meadow Lane (off of Northshore Drive) from 9am until 1pm. She says to get there early because the plants and great prices won’t last long.

Joseph’s Table
Sister Annette reported on the Joseph’s Table project. The event will start off as a once a month meal to feed the homeless and needy in the valley. She hopes it will eventually become a once a week effort and is looking for volunteers for cooking, serving and more. The event will be held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church with the first one September 14th. El Jacalito has generously agreed to donate the food for the first two events.

They estimate 45-100 will attend the first event. Sister Annette says she got the 200 homeless figure from Dennis at the Discovery Center and we are not sure how accurate it is but one homeless person is too many.

If you are interested attend the meeting at St. Joseph’s on August 17th at 3pm or call her or the church to let them know you are interested. The meal event is non-denominational and open to those in need.

Artist Yvonne
NSIA asked about Yvonne tonight, many of you know that our local artist has been battling cancer. She decided to seek alternative therapy and spent time at an innovative clinic in Mexico. She is currently on a strict diet and natural treatment at home. I visited with her yesterday and she really wants to hear from her friends and invites visitors from 2-4pm. If you want to contact her, drop me a line and I’ll give you the number or pass yours to her. Steve needs some help with her care so if you can lend a hand or know someone who can please let us know. Yvonne has pulled her artwork out of the gallery and the only works you can see are on display at Northshore Café.

August 27th
Sue reminded everyone about the Summer Picnic coming up on August 27th starting at 4pm. The Moose Lodge is donating hamburgers and hot dogs and there will be more goodies and entertainment. Grab your neighbors and come down for the fun! This is the annual membership drive for NSIA.

Also, I have reports that there is a celebration for the US Forest Service’s 100th Birthday at the Discovery Center featuring the Fiddlin’ Foresters. The festivities start at 6pm and are free. The Big Bear Discovery Center is located east of Fawnskin on North Shore Drive, one mile west of Stanfield Cutoff. For more information call Dennis Thomas at (909) 382-2797 or Sarah Miggins at (909) 382-2796.

Finally, the Fawnskin Flyer made the Bear Valley News! Check it out here Danielle has struck up a friendly, “bad behavior” competition. We don’t have too much bad behavior out this way BUT we have some more coming up. So we will probably have to start a poll to see whose bad behavior is worse—but I bet the South Shore will win, after all everyone tends to be over on that side of the lake!

BTW: There was a plane crash up here this afternoon. Visit the Bear Valley News to get the scoop tomorrow.

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