Fawnskin Goes Postal! (Rededication Photos)

Here are some pics from earlier this summer. We celebrated the repairs for our little Post Office. I don’t know everyone’s names but you can clarify or call me to get them corrected.

(Left to Right) Lori, Postmaster Cynthia, Rick

(Left to Right) Sue, Art, Dave (Yes, it is true that we have our own Davey Crockett!)

(Left to Right) Dana, Juan, Chris, Tim

(Left to Right) Diana, Dana, Juan, Lori
Wow, you can see ALL the po boxes that exist here in this photo. Don’t faint!

(Left to Right) Lori & Cynthia behind the scenes!

Fawnskin residents do not cross the line…
Do you really expect anyone to belive that?!
Is that the reason everyone is laughing?
(Left to Right Front Row) Sister Annette, Tim, Sandy, Postmaster Cynthia, Lori, Rick

(Left to Right) Cynthia, Tim, Juan, Dana

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