Fawnskin Knows How to Party!

Okay, so here I am in Big Bear Lake working. Not that I don’t work every day at home as a writer, but being out in public and getting the skinny on the latest books and antics of visitors definately gives me a boost.

Anyway, I have not had the time to just cruise around the web so in between customers I’ve snuck into Publishers Marketplace to read my favorite blogs. One of them is by Patry Francis. Her “I’m Not Really A Waitress” is always witty and full of humor.

Ultimately, what I discovered through her link to her other blog, is that the New York Times says that gossip serves a purpose.

Heh. Heh. Heh. I knew that.

Since I’ve been doing this rag my name has become GG by default. GG is short for Gossip Girl. Last night the guys said they had to be GG, too. Hmmm, must be for gossip guys–or they forgot to tell me something.

Anyway, while I am here slaving with the public, all my cohorts are down at the lake with the SEDA BOAT guys. Canoes and kayaks are out on the lake, the BBQ is fired up and Jim and Janet are having a blast hosting the event–and hopefully selling lots of boats. Did you know that they are one of the TOP THREE dealers for Seda. Cool.

Don’t forget the picnic tonight at Captain John’s. Drop by and enjoy the free food, free music and your wild neighbors. The offical start is at 4pm but I won’t get there until about 5:30pm. Hope to see you there!

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