Fawnskin Market Rumor

Hey all! I don’t have too much to say today. I hope you’ll check out the August Specials at Guerrero Ink because they help support the Flyer and me!

I keep hearing rumors circulating about Doris and so I asked her directly about them. She lost a bunch of weight due to some medication she was on. FYI: The cancer issue was something she went through about TEN years ago and it isn’t an issue now.

So, the bottom line is that she is still kicking and too tough to let something get the best of her. For those of you who don’t really know her–she is the salt of the earth.

I nicknamed Abbie (her grand child) the “cartwheel kid.” She is always doing gymnastics out front. She and her brother Zach recently learned how to play a drawing game, so challenge them the next time you are down there. (Abbie kicked my butt last time.)

Also, the Fawnskin Market is not listed for sale BUT Doris has her price…

I hope you liked the photos from the parade and Fawnskin Chamber meeting. I will get some slide shows up in the future. However I’ve been spending way too much time on the Flyer stuff. Lasst night I set up the forestry log page up for Forest Protection Officer, Rocco Terracciano. I’ll put a link to it once he gets it going.

Don’t forget to email your friends the link to the Fawnskin Flyer! I sent out posting invitations to lots of people who never responded and will be sending out another invite via email this week. If you sign up (it is free) you can add your comments and actually post. (Hmmm, is that a good idea?)

Have a great day!

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