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Eating Crow
I’m not sure about the origin of the expression, “Eating Crow” but I managed to watch one of this year’s avian offspring having a hard time in the tree tops. During my am amble I heard a great ruckus from a couple of ravens. It appeared that junior was disputing something with one of his parents and then, well, he fell out of the tree. Not a graceful fall mind you—one that took out braches, needles and made lots of noise. Fortunately, before he hit the ground he managed to get his wings under him and fly to another tree—which he immediately lost balance on, and ungracefully slid down the branch while attempting to grasp onto something—recovering enough before he plummeted onto the terrain to fly to another nearby pine—where he repeated the same error. I began to wonder if something was wrong with his feet! Anyway, it was very comical.

Sometimes you need to let your kids learn from their mistakes but this seemed a bit much. He finally flew out of my view and that of the adult. I am going to guess that he wasn’t going to be mouthing off too much more and that appeared to be the case this morning when the two appeared on my deck to drink out of the bird water tray.

This dyad reminds me to talk about the increase in the number of road kills. My speculation is that it is this year’s clueless youngsters. They are not street wise yet and so don’t fare well when crossing the highway. Sad, but the savvy ones will survive to grow up and pass the street sense genes to their offspring.

Karin reported a group of coyotes grieving one of the pups that got hit the other day and I’ve seen tons of squirrels who haven’t been successful crossing in traffic. Animals do grieve, some silly people don’t believe it but they do.

Speaking of eating crow, many of you know about my new neighbor who is building next door. I don’t have many things that piss me off but I hate when people break the law, are inconsiderate, and lie. Anyway, these flatlanders have violated all of the above PLUS don’t take any responsibility for their actions. We had a chat the other day and let me just say that they won’t be coming to any of my parties!

Really Good Swine
For those of you who missed Ronnie’s surprise party the other night—you missed a lovely night of laughter, celebration and silliness. Ronnie drives the local tractor and managed to save everybody’s skin by moving berms and helping redirect water flow during the heaviest storms last winter. He hit the big five-o but remains a kid at heart…and how does he remain so limber?

The karaoke was hysterical, to say the least. The boys all joined together to sing (incredibly out of key) Y-M-C-A with their own antics. In addition, Ronnie’s gift opening sparked laughter and hollering because the gag gifts got demonstrated. If you were not there—I am not telling! I am hoping someone sends me some of the pictures. All I can say is that I am so happy to be in such a joyful and silly community. We appreciate and love you Ronnie!

Gene and Glenna generously opened up their home for the event and roasted a pig. TO was his nickname and we lamented over Lucy not having had the opportunity to have met him before his demise. The tasty pork was served up with great salads and a decadent cake with so many candles that we were surprised that nobody got wax in their servings!

Ronnie was happy to hear that he was finally going to make the gossip rag…but I can’t tell it all since some things are better off experienced rather than repeated!

Rain, rain, rain.
I should have shut my mouth about the rain missing us. Because it now seems to have found us on this side of the lake. I took a trip down the hill Friday and it was miserable ranging from 103 to 107 degrees. Coming home I was happy to watch the temperature drop to a final 68–whew! We also got hit with a torrential down pour. I knew one of the reasons I love living here was the great weather but that confirmed it.

Yesterday I worked in my garden. The drenched earth makes it easy to pull up weeds and other undesirable plants. My Gerber daisies finally came up after two years. The sweet peas are taking over the hillside, which is okay for now, but some had to be pulled up since they covered the path up to my stairs below the deck. The soil on my hill is so rocky that I am glad to have the ground cover.

I prefer native plants and they are thriving, too. I haven’t planted up above my deck yet, maybe next year. However, the area next to the stairs got terraced so in 2006 I may get an early start on that project. This year’s growing season is fast coming to a close–so I probably won’t bother but you never know!

Bad Behavior
When we got back from the trip down the hill, we stopped by the Moose Lodge to drop off a few Flyers. Someone I know casually (a non-Fawnskin acquaintance) took at look at the newest issue and was rude! She said, “I am ashamed of you…this is corny…” and more. Anyway, I shut my trap out of respect for my elders but I had a couple thoughts cross my mind:

1. She is not my mother, family or in my inner circle of intimate friends so I could care less what her opinion is.
2. She is not a Fawnskin resident nor is she a neighbor so I REALLY don’t care about her view.
3. She obviously has no sense of humor in her life and needs to get one!

Okay, thanks for putting up with my rant. Sheesh!

On the flip side, thanks to all of you for your feedback on the Lucy story. I am happy you enjoyed it.

Getting High in Fawnskin?
Finally, there is a lot of roof action going on around here. I am guessing people have discovered leaks during these rainstorms and now is the time to get them fixed. Ed was looking for some help with his roof so if you know of anyone let me know. Andy got high the other morning…on his roof. I yelled out to him to be careful but he was busy concentrating…he was in a slow motion slide down the roof to his ladder.

I have something funny for you tomorrow but next week I will be busy with an offsite project so might not be posting daily. Remember that you members can post, just keep it clean and silly!

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