Gator Comments & I Forgot…

Just a quick note to remind you to say “Congrats” to Loni & Dave who celebrated seven years of blissful union yesterday. Still in the honeymoon phase…

August 25th is Bernie’s birthday so drop by the lodge and visit her tomorrow. Her shift starts at 5pm.

Finally, I cracked up at all the comments people have been making about the gator in Harbor City.
Check them out.

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One Response to “Gator Comments & I Forgot…

  • 1
    August 25th, 2005 05:39

    you are right
    those are so funny I imagine them to be fabricated. But then we are the silliest species, are we not ?
    My suggestion, have a swim meet in the lake, see who swims the fastest with a gator in their wake! ( Rhyme unintended)
    Thanks for the credit and the links