Guest Contributor David’s Squirrel Report

HARD HAT AREA: Close call Monday on the path down from Fawnskin park to Navajo.
A young couple were walking together when a green pine cone came crashing down with a THUD right next to the lady. The squirrel who dropped his lunch probably just forgot to yell “lookout below!” He did not run down to see if everyone was alright, he just went to cutting the next cone.

The advice I gave the lucky young woman, which I share with you, is to keep yourself out from under our gorgeous pines whenever possible during cone cutting season. Keep your car out of the way also, as these five pound projectiles move at fifty miles an hour, and have taken out plenty of windshields.

Since they don’t hang out a “Squirrel at Work” sign, here are some clues that you have a cone cutter working above you:

  • Cone litter or pine needle clumps on the ground. In some places the cone debris may be so thick it looks like a red brown carpet.
  • Full green cones on the ground that some squirrel dropped and will pick up later, yeah right! Just like my son and his socks!
  • Pine sap dripping from the end of cut branches. It makes a sticky mess that some other columnist can tell you how to get off your car or deck in a jiffy. It also may be a signal that a fat grey friend is nibbling the ends of the tree’s limbs to get at the cones.

Publishers Note: Mineral Oil or Alcohol works well depending on the surface. Test first to avoid damage.

Hey, enough chatter! Bottom line, we like you AND we like our grey squirrels, so can’t we all just get along? It’s a long drive to the doctor or the hospital, so keep looking up, maybe wear a hard hat, and stay safe out there.

Yes of course I know that the squirrels are after me because I am a nut! Thanks for reminding me.

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