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All’s well in Fawnskin. True or false?
Fawnskin residents and visitors feel good because the Megans law website shows no sex offenders living in this area?

True: No registered sex offenders have a Fawnskin residence as their address. This must be better than having nine like Big Bear City, three like Erwin Lake or the two that are registered in Sugarloaf. You don’t even want to know about Big Bear Lake.

False Sense of Security?: Don’t feel safer, or be less vigilant with your children and grandchildren because dots on map are far away from your house. These dots have legs, and cars, and boats. They move around. Please review the site and keep yourself and your children alert and aware that although we do love in paradise, but
someone let the pond scum in here also, and its our job to keep it from getting any scummier.

I only know one of these men or women, maybe you know one, or they live near a friend. No specific action is required, but knowledge is a powerful tool in the protection of our community and our beautiful lifestyle.

A word of caution: Not everyone listed is a threat or a pervert. Have some discretion and use the information wisely. I think a direct question deserves a direct answer, if you don’t want to be the one asking, get a bolder friend, and then go along for moral support. If you are on the list, be ready with your answer, as I may meet you in the supermarket.

Submitted to David Schmidt by “Friend of a Moose”

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