Kitten Kaboodle

“Auntie Diana” experienced lots of animal adventures this weekend and the trend doesn’t seem to be stopping. Today included a couple of encounters with young kittens. Sampson, my delinquent nephew who lives with his dad near the post office, decided to abandon any restraint this afternoon and began to climb up my leg in his exuberance to see me.

Sampson likes to supervise my every move as I attempt to restore his litter box back to tolerable condition and make sure he has the best kitty snacks and fresh water. Then, after a bout of “mouse on a fishing pole” and “jingle ball soccer,” it was time to introduce him to the always popular, paper bag.

Any savvy feline fanatic knows, that despite the best efforts at providing the absolute finest toys, cats will always settle for the simplest and cheapest item around. The top three items on the list? Paper bags, milk top rings and aluminum foil balls.

To lure young Sampson into the bag I rolled his jingle ball into it. He thought it was a great discovery, this crinkly cave. However, he also thought it was grand to hit the jingle ball around from the OUTSIDE of the bag, without any visual contact and only the audio to keep him amused. When he finally ventured in again, I explained he needed to know the nuances of the bag and gentle tipped it upright. He got this bewildered look on his face and then jumped out.

It is a good thing that I am the Auntie because his dad had all the bags in the fireplace ready to burn. How could he misjudge the value of his stash? Sampson rang in excited laps around the house and up, over and under any furniture. I am sure he is training for the crazy cat Olympics.

On the other end of town, contrasting the energetic gray terror, Gooter awaited my arrival. He is enamored with me and unlike Sampson, is a gentle and quiet sort. They both are the same age but very different in temperament. When I ventured up to visit Gooter, he immediately had to come sit near me and when I attempted to get him to play with his “mouse on a spring,” he intentionally gently pawed my hand (with sheathed claws) that held the spring.

However, he made his mother crazy by insisting on sitting underneath my rocking chair. She was sure I would rock onto his tail, but I am not so silly! Anyway, this young tom has no qualms about jumping onto the counter to get a gander and a snack from the kitty food stash. I gave the family some tips and know this guy will be a fine fellow in no time. He already has impeccable manners and a gentle nature. Sampson, on the other hand, is another story!

Post Office Mystery Continues
The white Toyota corolla was still at the post office. If you know any Gardners in town please let Cynthia know. Everyone is worried about the owner, especially given the child’s seat in the car.

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