Live From Fawnskin!

Old Fashioned Picnic Rocks the Lake
Party crashers (non-Fawnskin residents) showed up at the Fawnskin Picnic yesterday drawn by the music and frivolity at Captain John’s Fawn Harbor. One well-mannered visitor who owned an Elephant Bar location down the hill donated a gift certificate for the cause. Great manners!

The band, “Damn Good Question” got some of the residents up and dancing. While Rick & Dee provided a unique light show–lighted stem martini glasses that attracted attention from all over the grounds. For those of you who know me, I HAD to have one and convinced Rick to dispense ice with a splash of apple-tini over it so I could carry the lit torch around.

Those of you who know me probably agree that I needed to cut loose a bit–and I did. However, it was funny that many people thought I was amped up on martini’s. Sorry to say (or is it, glad to say?), I don’t need alcohol to be so silly!

Thanks has to go to those businesses and individuals who kicked in to make the picnic possible—and a smashing success. Over two hundred people attended (yep, that is pretty much the whole town).

Here is a list of those awesome supporters:
Arrowhead Credit Union
Bear Creek Nut & Coffee Compnay
Big Bear Discovery Center
Captain John
Fawnskin Market
North Shore Aniques and Collectibles
North Shore Café
North Shore Improvement Association Board & Old Fashioned Summer Picnic Committee
North Shore Trading Company
Snow Summit
and a BIG thanks to the Moose Lodge 2085 and their volunteers.

Krazy Karaoke
The event was followed by festivities at the Gold Pan Restaurant & Bar. The place was packed as locals and visitors participated in the karaoke and silliness. One thing about this town, it is full of characters! Even those who could not sing got up and sang their worst with style. 😉 You just had to be there to believe it.

We had a bunch of Marines up here visiting on their leave. The poor boys had to endure an off key tribute of America the Beautiful (by all the locals on hand). We may not sing well, but hey, we are patriotic around here and whether we agree with the war or not, we do believe in our boys (and girls) and their efforts!

Today people are dispersed between the North Shore Café, Bear Creek Nut & Coffee and the Moose Lodge for Sunday brunch and breakfast.

Some people are off on the Gold Panning self-tour into Holcomb—-don’t freak out if you see mountain men out there since it is the first weekend of the rendezvous.

Others are out in the SEDA boats. I’ll be over there this afternoon. Jim reported over 100 people came out to take spins out on the lake. Great timing by North Shore Trading and SEDA since it is HOT, HOT, HOT!

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One Response to “Live From Fawnskin!

  • 1
    August 28th, 2005 18:47

    good reporting, you nade me sorry I missed all the fun, but I was putting finishing touches on our pal’s awesome deck, and today building more stairs on navajo. yes there are four more boxes of wood at the curb if you want them.
    G and I are down the hill tmo getting her house there in shape.