Mid-day Update

I just heard that Dottie is not doing so well. Ed says her son Gene is down the hill a lot and he has found her on the floor unable to get up. He is looking for someone to help out with her care or to check up on her. Let me know if you have someone willing to do so or contact him up on the corner of Chickasaw and Mohawk.

Also, Buddy is going to be a dad. I took a good gander at Brindle this am and she looks like she is going to have pups. Rats. However, if you know of anyone looking for a puppy they will probably be on the ground within the next month or so.

Thanks to all of you for your input on my new logo. I’ve pretty much decided to use the ark with the pawprint for my business cards etc., and the other one with the animals for the websites. Stay tuned. I appreciate your feedback.

I do have photos to post later but just wanted to get you this update.

BTW: The last issue of the Flyer is completely gone but people are taking copies without throwing quarters in the can. The store got a whopping $1.75 for thirty issues.

One local, was told to pay for an issue by Doris and just walked out. Did you know that is bad behavior (also known as theft)? For the rest of you, pass the word and please contribute to keep the Flyer in the black.


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