Motor Boat, Motor Boat…

Today was a busy one. I got a call for an interview on a big radio station tomorrow for a fundraiser for Hurricane Katrina survivors. I’ll be doing an animal segment that will broadcast throughout Washington DC. You can check it out live around 9:30am at Z104

Anyway, today I took a break to go down the Dana Point Park and Captain John’s Marina. Leaving the computer and reconnecting with nature does me good. The upside of the short jaunt was that John took me out on his 2pm cruise.

I have not been out on a lake cruise along the shore in quite some time. Wow, was it a blast. We had a good group and the casual conversation admist Big Bear trivia was very enjoyable. If you have not been out on his cruise, do it before the season ends.

Did you hear the news about the local beavers? I have not seen them, but I have heard them. Reports are that they hang out around Windy Point and John says they come over to the marina, too. I used to climb around their old abode when it was exposed.

This morning I hiked around the Grout Bay day use area with my pals Karin and Sugar (the sweet pitbull). We saw the Great Heron perched on the tree branch above the lake and he didn’t budge. The coot numbers are increasing and we are wondering if this winter is going to be early.

BTW: Who is honking at me in the white van in the morning?


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