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There is nothing quite like baby animals. I was “having a day” on Saturday after a series of events and news left me a bit raw. Fortunately my neighbors had company that required the use of the outdoor dog run. Two male pups, who were suspiciously well behaved for their ten weeks, graced my life for a couple of days.

Unfortunately, my suspicions about their breeding were confirmed by the owner. I hope she is wrong and that they are not wolf-hybrids. Read my commentary about the wolf-hybrid issue to find out why.

Anyway, they were pretty good little guys for a couple of reasons. They got plenty of exercise and also were coached in good manners. For instance, when they started to nip and bite they were instructed, “No biting.” Because this is a household rule, they immediately stopped. Of course I also gave them a couple of toys to chew on and carry around to make sure they stayed good.

So, I spent a lot of time just watching them. Sitting in the dirt under the trees is therapy in itself. Kody (short for Kodiak) is going to be a delinquent. He is smart, curious, and self-assured and so will be a handful. He learns quick for a little fuzz ball.

Chief, on the other hand, is a baby. He is striking looking with different colored eyes but will take leadership well. He whines a lot and that needs to not be reinforced. Both boys are related which can be a problem as siblings can bond stronger with each other over their humans.

This last week was full of baby animals. My friend’s cat is another deliquent. Most delinquents are very smart or very sensitive. God help you if they are both! This makes them a challenge to their humans and why animal trainer’s can remain in business.

The one thing about babies of any species is that they certainly make you laugh and take your mind off any troubles. So, I highly recommend puppy therapy.

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