The FAWNSKIN FLYER Volume 1 Issue 7 August 12, 2005

Volume 1 Issue 7 August 12, 2005
Not Necessarily News for Fawnskin, California
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In this Issue:
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August Fawnskin Events
Spider Bite First Aid
Joseph’s Table Feeds the Homeless
Bad Behavior: D & D Revisited

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Public restrooms are located in the triangle area of town. Look for the deer statues and you’ll find the facilities in the building nearby.

Necessary Numbers:
All are (909) area code unless listed otherwise.

Fire Station 49 866-4878
Arson Line (800) 468-4408
Forestry Officer 866-3437 x2810
Fish & Game Tips (888) 334-2258
Solar Observatory 866-5791
Discovery Center 866-3437
Camp Whittle 866-3000
Serrano Campground 866-8550
Fishing Licenses 866-9464
Fawnskin Market (Bait & Adventure Passes) 866-9543
Moose Lodge 2085 866-3013
Post Office 866-3245

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Fawnskin August Events
There is a whole lot going on here in Fawnskin. I’ve included select events here. Visit the online link (to the right) for a more complete list with details/times.

August 13, 2005
Horseshoe Tournament Ends

August 17, 2005 3pm
Joseph’s Table Meeting
St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

August 19-20, 2005
Moose Lodge 2085 Camp Out
Grays Peak Campground

August 20, 2005
Horseshoe Tournament BBQ

August 25, 2005
North Shore Improvement Assoc.

August 27, 2005
Summer Picnic at Fawn Harbor

August 27-28, 2005
Seda Demo Days at North Shore Trading Company

Spider Bite Treatment
Fawnskin residents have experienced a rash of spider bits this year. So I thought this information might be useful. (Compliments of University of Maryland Medical Center.)

Most spiders found in the United States are harmless, with the exception of the black widow and the brown recluse spiders (sometimes called the violin spider). Specific treatment for a venomous spider bites will be determined by your physician.

No treatment is necessary for most non-venomous spider bites but for relief you may want to:

-Wash the area well with soap and water.

-Apply a cold or ice pack wrapped in a cloth, or a cold, wet washcloth to the site.

-To protect against infection, particularly in children, apply an antibiotic lotion or cream.

-Consider acetaminophen for pain.

-Elevate the site if the bite occurred on an arm or leg (to help prevent swelling).

-Seek immediate emergency care for treatment if you suspect the bite is from a venomous arachnid.

Depending on the severity of the bite, treatment can range from administering corticosteroids and other medications to surgery of the ulcerated area. Hospitalization may be needed. Prompt treatment is essential to avoid more serious complications, especially in children.

Joseph’s Table
Sister Annette reported on that her Joseph’s Table project will hold its first event on September 14th.

The ongoing event will start off as a once a month meal to feed the homeless and needy in the valley. She hopes it will eventually become a once a week effort and is looking for volunteers for cooking, serving and more.

The dinner will be held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. El Jacalito has generously agreed to donate the food for the first two events (September and October).

It is estimated that between 45 and100 will attend the first event. Sister Annette says that it is speculated that there are 200 displaced people in the valley. We are not sure how accurate that figure is, but one homeless person is one too many.

If you are interested, attend the meeting at St. Joseph’s on August 17th at 3pm or call Sister Annette (866-3936) to let her know how you can help. The meal event is non-denominational and open to anyone in need.

Bad Behavior: D & D Revisited
Last week’s bad behavior confused a few people. There were actually a few issues: 1) Attending meetings under the influence, 2) disorderly conduct, and 3) official representation.

I’ve attended meetings and witnessed bad behavior by other participants under the influence. They come in late and tend to interrupt or rant. I expect meeting facilitators to follow Robert’s Rules of Order, to stick with the agenda and call the proceedings back to order when such matters arise.

Personally, I was taught that it was good manners to attend community business or municipal events sober, but hey what do I know?

Recently a Sugarloaf resident got confused for a Fawnskin resident at a meeting because of the seating arrangement and proximity to several other Fawnskin dwellers. (There are always several Fawnskin-ers who attend the various meetings around the valley.)

Anyway, another bonafide Fawnskin resident made an irritated comment in response to the profanity–and the rest is for you to imagine–which you seem to have been doing really well.

So, to set the record straight, in that meeting there were also two chamber members attending on behalf of the Fawnskin chamber.

Anyway, my points remain that I’d only like to see official representatives speaking at meetings AND I think any other meeting participants should be on their best behavior and be sober when attending. Is that too unreasonable?

What I found interesting about the last column was that people speculated that it was one particular individual. Amazingly enough, that person believed that the Bad Behavior was written about him, too.

Even though we don’t reveal names, usually the people who get listed in the bad behavior section know who they are.

So I have to ask two questions: 1) What would make people assume that it was the same particular individual? And 2) What lead the same individual to also believe that the Bad Behavior was about him?

Things that make you go, hmmm.

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