Up A Creek

Most of you know that I walk every morning. I’ve changed my route a couple of times over the past four months and now amble up next to Grout Creek. The adolescent ducks were paddling furiously this morning and the Great Heron decided to let me get closer so he could see me better. Alas, he still took off–but at least I don’t disturb him too much. I noticed his return earlier this week and it is nice to see him back at the creek after a long hiatus.

BTW: I noticed some survey or similar equipment up on the bridge this am. Anyone know what it is? The battery operated contraption has a bio-something name but nobody was around to give me the scoop!

Yesterday Bear City was flooded and people were sandbagging to protect their properties. However, Fawnskin residents just enjoyed the lightening show and rumble of the thunder. I don’t know about you, but we didn’t get any drops over here. The unique aspects of the weather in this valley never cease to amaze me.

I’ve noticed that the mosquito population has surged again with the increased precipitation and heat. However, the nights are cooling off and I’ve noticed a drastic drop in the early morning and late evening temperatures over the past two to three days. I just got my newsletter from best selling author, Susan Chernak McElroy. She says the leaves of a few Aspens are already turning in the Rockies.

McElroy also talked about community. I think one of the unique aspects of this little town is that we really do have a community. It reminds me of my childhood neighborhood where we knew everyone from the whole area, were involved in each others lives in an intimate way, cared for each other, visited homes and businesses and shared our ups and downs. You don’t find that many places anymore and I really love this town for that. (Many of you have heard me joke about this place being like one big dysfunctional family.)

Anyway, Susan and I parallel in many ways. Although I’ve lived in the valley for many years, I will celebrate three years here in September. I am a little bit younger than she is, but we both love nature and weave animals into our writing about spirituality.

Like Susan, I am also pretty solitary and venture out to mingle for social interaction and to keep my sanity. God help those I run into after I’ve been in the cabin for a week or so! Motor mouth doesn’t begin to describe it—and I appreciate your indulgence. My family calls it the “Guerrero Gab” and I know that many of you are familiar with it. 🙂

Anyway, if she gives me permission I’ll include an excerpt from Susan’s August newsletter because I don’t think I can comment on community any better than she has already shared.

Lousy Gossip Girl
On the local front, I must be a lousy gossip columnist because I didn’t hear that Mike & Carol got married last Sunday. I saw them Saturday night and knew they were rushing off somewhere–but nobody clued me in! So, congratulations to them! I hear they will be moving, but don’t have any more dirt than that…yet!

And speaking of weddings, use care around Windy Point on Sunday because Tim is hosting a happy event for his son. You probably noticed the asphalt that just went down…I mentioned the improvements for the wedding before, so this is just an update!

Dennis, Kathy and many of their friends just returned from the Hawaiian wedding celebrations for their son Jeff. Dennis is sporting a great tan and Kathy looks great–very rested and content.

Go Postal!
Our Postmaster, Cynthia wanted me to remind you to shop for your stamps and supplies on Saturdays. It will help with her budgeting (for additional help) and will get more moola for her and our little post office.

As you know, the place was a mess due to storm damage. The floor, roof and walls were in dismal shape until the beginning of the summer. She gave me a few snaps from the re-dedication. I’ll post them later.

Stay tuned!

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