Bugs and All That Jazz

The bugs are out in force again. Funny how the quick shift in weather sparked a new cycle of blooms and bugs! In the meantime, I finished a week of work in Bear Lake and was glad to be back here nestled in Fawnskin. In fact, I spent ample time in my hammock today–with the intention of reading–which didn’t happen.

Something about being in a hammock triggers the nap mechanism. For some unfortunates, it can also end up as a nightmare if you turn and fall out of the contraption. My friend used to manage a bed and breakfast and the staff always placed bets and waited to see when the visitors would hit the dirt.

Anyway, I didn’t fall but didn’t want to get out of the thing either! I suspect the work schedule plus my extra activities wore me out. I spent a couple of hours yesterday morning (BEFORE working) moving and stacking wood. When I locked up the store, I joined a friend for a wild night of jazz at Northwoods.

During the day I met Kyle St. John (keyboard player) of Gator Beat. During the short interaction I told him I would be attending the Mardi Gras at Northwoods. Gator Beat has been around for fifteen years and they were absolutely fabulous. The group is from Sonoma and includes David Scott (an Australian who plays saxophone, pennywhistle, percussion), Luis Rodriguez (Pueto Rican who plays drums), Dana Mandell (accordian and a great voice), Linda Hutchinson (bass), Randy Quan (guitar), and Carolyn Domingue (washboard). They were totally in sync with each other and high energy and fun. Richie Domingue, the band leader passed away recently and we were concerned about Carolyn but the group is still awesome and she seemed to be doing okay.

When Kyle announced they were playing the foot-stomping, body-rocking song for me I was thrilled but was unfortunately too full from a fabulous dinner to really rock. Anyway, my pal Dee and I had a great time. Dee got up and played the washboard and we got to visit with a couple of other Fawnskin locals who ventured over to the big city, too. And yes, I stayed out past my 9pm curfew again

Here are a few town tidbits:
-Dottie (North Shore Tavern) has been in the hospital now for just over two weeks. She is doing better and receiving the care she needs. They are going to keep her at least another three weeks. Go visit if you can.

-Snickers (aka Brindle) is doing fine but those puppies are getting HUGE. They had their first visit to the park today. All ten are doing well and have opened their eyes. They are getting around better but are still no able to amble very well. I love puppies but I don’t envy Grandpa Ed as they begin to get more active. The dogs are still helping Snickers take care of the pups. Very cute.

-I was told by someone from the NS Improvement group that the David Gonzales Memorial will not take place in the park. There was some sort of “fall out” and now the group wants to place the item in the Triangle or at the Post Office. Personally, I’d rather not have it in town especially since the investigation is still active and nothing has been determined conclusively (per my last conversation with the detective in charge at the end of July).

-Steve is doing better each day. I dropped by for a chat this am. His family is coming up for the memorial on Wednesday and I’ll be helping them. I could probably use a hand–if anyone want s to help, give me a jingle.

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