Fawnskin Mountain Lion Update

Mountain Lion Reports from Neighbors:
Sunday, September 19th:
Residents (Andrea & Dennis) heard loud growling on Chickasaw at 9:30pm. It reverberated through their walls.

Tuesday, September 20th:
Shortly after Noon (12:30pm) a mountain lion was sighted on Brookside (near Chickasaw) heading back up to the woods. (Andy was painting and saw him cruising down Debbie’s lot and through Andrea’s lot back up onto the hill.)

Other neighbors report that this animal has been hanging out between Cedar Dell and Mohawk for about the past three weeks. He has been seen on the rocks cleaning himself. They believe it is living underneath a weekend cabin.

The sheriff, fish & game and forestry personnel have been notified. Please call so they take a report if you see this animal.

If you want more information chat with Andrea, Ed, and Debbie.

Read my urban mountain lion tips now.

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