Filming in Fawnskin

National Geographic is here in Fawnskin. They are filming a “Naked Science” episode on the Solar Observatory. They estimate the air date will be sometime in the Spring of 2006.

You know I love my early morning walks if just to see the changes that occur daily. This morning most of the waterfowl was quiet–very unusual. I didn’t see too many ducks or mud hens until I was almost back into town. Adolescent groups were hugging the shoreline.

Maybe it was the ghoulish mist rising from the lake and the thick fog lingering over the lake surface that kept them quiet. The fishing boats heading out this am were eerily engulfed in gray and disappeared into the mist…only the muffled sound of their motors could be heard.

Yesterday, the white mist stretched out over the mountains onto the lake like the arm and hand of a specter from another dimension. Hmmm, maybe I need to start writing ghost stories.

In the meantime, I am in Big Bear Lake again. Working in the bookstore gets me out and into the public but I am about ready to go back to working on my book in the quiet surroundings of my cabin.

I had dinner with Steve the other night. He is doing better. Most of you are aware that his wife Yvonne passed away almost two weeks ago. It is still a tough go for him but his family has been coming up and a few of us neighbors keep checking in on him. He is going to be playing tennis today. I think I’ll encourage him to drop down to the Moose for cook your own steak tomorrow.

Ronnie is having a totem pole carved in his yard. It is fun to watch it take shape. Go take a gander if you have a moment. You can see it from the fire station or the sidewalk adjacent to Fawn Lodge.

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