Fire! Fire!

Okay, it was a good thing that we got so much rain. Even so, there was a lightening strike related fire up on Grays Peak this am. Randy from the fire service said he had a bunch of guys up there fighting it.

Other news, did you hear about Brent Constructions equipment loss last week? Seems that they had some ground give way over on the project near Stanfield and lost the heavy equipment in the lake. I am sure the Grizzly will have something about it. Anyway, with the breech in the wall I’ve also noticed the lake level dropped a bit…

I’ve had reports that the local cougar has been sighted a couple of times near town. Be sure you keep your pets in and use care on the forest perimeter. If you are biking, hiking or engaging in other activities, be sure to have a partner. You can also read my cougar precautions over at

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3 Responses to “Fire! Fire!

  • 1
    Patry Francis
    September 21st, 2005 11:47

    Hey, G.G.: I came here looking for your mountain dating piece, but couldn’t locate. But that’s okay, I had a great time reading what I did find.

    Your friend, Patry

  • 2
    September 24th, 2005 04:49

    good stuff – I did NOT know that Brent dropped a tool in the lake. How interesting, I hope they got it out, or is it part of a new artificial reef?

  • 3
    September 24th, 2005 05:04

    patry – that dating post is Aug 18th – use the archives “august” and then
    scroll down, happy hunting