Lady Bug, Lady Bug

Okay, today I chose to move wood for two hours instead of pounding the path along the lakeside. I must stay it probably was a better work out!

Yesterday, fellow ambler Howard and I noticed a ton of lady bugs near the bridge sign. They were all over the railing and adjacent bushes. Thousands. So, although we have experienced a cold snap these hardy creatures were feasting and having a fine time along the roadside.

Downtown Fawnskin was quiet last night. Only a few people showed up for the Moose Lodge BBQ and although the Gold Pan was open, only about four residents meandered over there.

I am still over in Bear Lake slaving for my friend. I enjoy the work but I sure am tired! Interfacing with the public can be tough but it is entertaining and more fodder for my writing…

Don’t forget about the jazz festival this weekend. I have a couple of passes but imagine I’ll only get to the zydeco event tonight-see you there!

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